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  • Premier Icon binners

    Did you get a bit excitable Philly? 😆

    Premier Icon binners

    Do you want me to ask him which pub it is he’s going too? I know you’re just being coy

    i’m going for a ride with the guys and mrsconsequence tonight so i’ll throw on my lycra bib shorts and ride up front so everyone can follow my tightly hugged bottom into a trance.

    i put the sexy, and the party, into ‘sexyparty’


    Wish I hadn’t looked at this topic again. Just had to endure the grief from the office for looking at dodgy sites…

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    but i presume you think you look cool in your ‘baggies’ with your jawbones and and your 5:10s and your matching pads strapped to your camel back eh?

    now that’s the real **** joke. mountainbikers thinking THEY are cool.

    Surely it’s all about dressing for the occasion/activity you are engaged init?…

    Riding a Road Bike = Lycra

    Riding an MTB = Lycra or Baggies/pads etc depending on your chosen Niche

    Going to the Pub = “casual clothing” Tweed sports jacket, Green Cords, a nice pair of loafers…

    To many non-cyclists turning up for a Pint in full lycra would be on par with wearing a gimp suit… althoug in some pubs that would be OK too I suppose, Context is king really…

Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)

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