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    I have one of these with the same bearings, 2 crown races and legendary back up service…

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    As above, the superstar one is great.

    Thought I would share this for anyone strugeling to sort a headset for the above bikes. Ok the smoothie fits fine but is a bit heavy (169gm) and after some research found this Gusset mix n match headset at £31.58 from Wiggle and weighing 127gm it also comes with 1 1/8th and 1.5 crown race which is split for easy installation also included is a star nut. Quality seems as good as the smoothie but lighter and far better value as its £20 extra for the 1.5 crown race for the smoothie. This is a 1 1/8 zero stack top 2 (zs44/28.6) and a 1 1/8 external bottom E (ec49/40)[img][/img]

    Wont work for the Dirty Harry though as its got an integrated bottom cup not an external one.


    I used Hope for my Lurcher.

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    Quality seems as good as the smoothie

    So basically made from paper mache and chewing gum.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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