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    We are visiting the castle and it’s our anniversary. Looking for a nice family pub for an afternoon meal.


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    The Charlton Arms still looks good, although it’s ten years since I last ate there.
    But I’m not sure children would enjoy the menu, it seems a bit fancy these days.

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    As there not a lot of replies, I’m going to add CSON’s (cafe/mill on the green) just a general Ludlow (or Shrewsbury, their original cafe) recommendation, for a fantastic place to eat, and the only place we really bother with in Ludlow. Though the little fish house is good if you like seafood/fish, as is the italian “Smokehouse Deli and Cicchetti Bar” but neither are very family orientated. Cson’s is not exactly huge, but a great setting just round the back of the castle by the weir, booking is recommended. The Farm centre is always going to be ok but nothing special, if you can’t think of anywhere else. Again friend have recommended the Charlton arms to us, but I don’t believe they’ve been in a couple of years either.
    Cafe up at the market square for home made cake “Local to ludlow” it’s a tiny little shop, so those would be to take home! No doubt there lots of other good places to eat too, but we like those I’ve mentioned.

    PS cheap parking to be had at Linney riverside park (wander by CSON’s to see if it suits and book a table)

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