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  • DaveGr

    Glad you’re OK. The restaraunt may have insurance they can claim off but they may also have an excess. Both could try to recover these amounts off you – insurance co. what they paid to the insured. The insured his excess. If you have insurance which pays out then you might also have an excess you’ll end up paying. IMO chat to owner and see how much the cost is etc. and see if an amicable agreement can be decided. BUT as with all accidents never admit liability.

    Premier Icon turfroof

    Just to be clear , I’m not trying to avoid anything here, the window was minding it’s own business until I arrived . I was a bit taken aback at how easily the glass broke (I hopped sideways into it , not a headlong dive/crash)and also that these people had arrived whilst I was still on my way to the hospital and the main concern was for ‘the insurance’. I trust that most STWers would at least ensure the bleeding party was ok 1st.
    Also I would check if yr insurance covers you for this sort of antic – I don’t have any that does …..

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    As you attended hospital it is a reportable incident and should have been reported to the HSE by the restaurant as it’s a place of work.
    Find out if there has ever been a similar incident.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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