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  • Lube – what're we all using these days?
  • Whale sphincter grease aka Quantum Paradigm Dry Sludge. 60 million Roubles per picoliter. It’s really great, better than Apple Jack Stratosphere Jesus Tears……..boooooooooommmmmm **** yeah, you don’t know you weren’t there man 🙄

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    ^^^ Clearly meant to post in chemtrails thread.

    Oh and it runs soooooo quietly

    UBS. You don’t even have to take care where you spray it, just fling some in the general direction of the bike.

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    Judging by the bike services i do most people are using chip fat and not removing it between applications

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    Still happy with Smoove here so far, done a few more miles on it and it is smoove! A lot less messy than my old oil lube. Also I have put it on my daughter’s bike chain and it’s much less messy on her clothes and leg now.
    Time will tell though.

    Bought some squirt as a result of this thread, very impressive so far, chain much cleaner and quieter

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Squirt’s great except when it’s not- every so often I’d go for a ride and it’d just shit the bed completely. It wasn’t exactly really bad conditions, just really specific conditions I think. Never really worked it out, I just stopped using it because it was annoying me.

    Premier Icon scc999

    Squirt is great in dry conditions but like a few others I find it vanishes in the wet.
    Which is a shame as I love not having a black greasy drivetrain. Maybe my degreasing isn’t good enough?

    Tried Rock n Roll Extreme for the wet but it seemed not to last that long either. I also seemed to be going through it at quite a rate when following the instructions on the bottle, which is expensive – do others that like it find this?

    Got a free bottle of Finish Line ceramic wet lube at some point and I recently gave that a go. So far I’ve found it’s lasted well in wet conditions and the chain isn’t too filthy.

    When I move and have a garage I’m almost certainly going to give Putoline a go.

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)

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