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  • JonEdwards

    As mentioned here, I had got a couple of days in the high Lakes planned.

    Looking at the weather forecast though, it’s going to be rather windy, and having scared the living poo out of myself nearly getting blown off Lower Man on a supposedly not-very-breezy day last summer, I’m after some plan B options.

    So – ideas for lower level/woodsy stuff please! Emphasis on fun/technical (up & down) rather than just getting the miles in.

    Borrowdale Bash looks to be an obvious one. Not done it before, so any additions/cheeky bits would be handy.

    I’m sure I can link some stuff together around Loughrigg and Grizedale, but again, any “must do” sections would be nice to know about.



    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Ambleside, Loughrigg Fell, Skelwith Bridge, Drunken Duck, Iron Keld, Hodge Close, Elterwater, High Close, Loughrigg Terrace is a classic all weather low level route.

    I’ve probably done that route (or variations on a theme) more times than any other and it always rides well even in the worst conditions. Some nice little techy bits too.


    on crazylegs route, rather than going to elterwater, take a BW on the left to bring you out in chapel stile, great little descent thru the wood, sweet shop in chapel stile, take the back road out of chapel stile to bring you back on route to high close.

    re borrowdale bash, bogtrotters version is as good as any, you can cut out the |B5289 lakeside road bit by riding thru some keswick residential area and a FP thru great wood, i think! not certain of the detail


    Out and back on the Ullswater lakeside is a low level classic.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Most things Iron Keldy/Grizedaley will be more sheltered than open fellside.

    Premier Icon craig5

    +1 for Ullswater there and back, make sure you climb high and drop in on the BW above the Foot path though. It’s super tech both ways. I didn’t clear it all and it’s a hard fought 18k ish. I’m going back again. Grizedale BW stuff is amazing, the drop down to conistion being a high light (beware the fallen tree), the 3 sections down to Satterthwaite a blast (limestone slabs sketchy in the wet/damp) & breasty whore/nipple into ? (Sounds like/can’t remember what it was called). Start with the nipple bit, climb up back into the forest (to car park) then down to coniston then back up for 3 section BW to car. Been at a keg party all day (christening/F1 fest) sorry for lack of clear instruction . Whoooo Yeh. I’m hungry again.


    Grizedale is full of win. There’s barely a BW (or f******h) in the forest that isn’t amazingly fun to ride.

    From Parkamoor back to Satterthwaite in 3 sections is bloody great. As is Breasty Haw down the steeper side away from Satterthwaite. Parkamoor down to Coniston is also good.


    Cool. Thanks guys. Probably do Loughrigg etc tomorrow then and get a feel for the conditions.

    I’d forgotten about Ullswater – done that a few times, so good as it is, I’ll try something different.



    Try this forecast to give you an idea of wind speed on the tops, in case you’re tempted back up high.
    Most of the Kentmere BW’s are now dry and ok in blowy conditions, except the top of Garburn pass.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Weather was right today but it took until lunchtime to be low cloud wet and windy. At 10am it was stunning up top.

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