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  • Sue_W

    Extra tiny Titus Motolite – tried one years ago when Chipps had a fantastic pink one in as a test bike. Absolutely loved it and it spoiled my ability to get anything cheaper as nothing could compare. Took me two bloomin’ years to save up enough to buy one … 6 years on it’s still the only full-sus bike I’ve had or ever want to have, can’t see me ever wanting a different bike.

    And Elf – HANDS OFF!!!! 🙂


    (hangs head in shame)

    A Kona Shred with 120mm forks. Brutal, weighs a ton, built up with Altus gears and really heavy tyres wheels cranks etc.
    I bought my first one as a bike without wheels off a guy very cheaply as it had Hope M4s on which were to go on my 456 and was going to be a bike for the Mrs, but put some wheels on and had a try myself, and it felt much nicer than the 456. It was a bit more nimble despite being heavier, and just felt better.
    In the end I sold it and the 456 due to job loss, but have bought a newer Shred (2007) and still love it. Still got rubbish kit on. It did a stint as my commuter last winter which did the paintwork no good and it went single(ish) speed, and recently got upgraded brakes (to non matching deore). Keep thinking about getting a respray to cover up its halfords roots and bad name, but don’t think I will ever put very much nice kit on it, and it might end up commuting again so can’t really justify it.


    My Wolf Ridge. It felt “right” from the outset, a shorter stem and wider bars have since helped it feel more “right”.

    In contrast, my Enduro felt strange to begin with and it took me a while to learn to love it. I wouldn’t be parted with it though.

    Premier Icon brassneck

    Original skinny Superlight. Still my perfect all round bike.

    Have ridden ML7s a fair bit (a friend is a dealer) – very nice, but on the whole I prefer the SC.


    Always loved my sc superlight but even better was my sworks (which was intended as a hack bike to begin!)

    Premier Icon neil853

    My new Blur LTc and my old Rock Lobster 853, damn I miss that bike 😥

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Surprised there’s been so few people naming Oranges… Not the biggest fan myself, but I’ve never had a go on one that wasn’t immediately accessible.


    I felt (and still feel) like this about both of my Singulars (Peregrine and Gryphon).


    Bontrager Race.

    I’d ridden the usual assortment of Marins, Specializeds, Rocky Mountains etc – and in 1997 I bought a Bontrager Privateer, and a medium Race (above) followed soon after that. I’ve since switched to a large & picked up a couple more frames.

    Not always the most comfortable bike, but still the most fun & sharpest handling thing I’ve ridden on thread-the-needle woodsy singletrack. Whenever I try & ride something else, I usually end up missing ye olde Bontrager. The one inch headset dates it, for sure – but I’ve still got a few old forks lying around…

Viewing 9 posts - 81 through 89 (of 89 total)

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