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  • Loudest Freewheel?
  • I have a confession! I love loud freewheels….but I dont know much about how the noise is produced.

    Can I make any hub noisier by adding a new freewheel or something, or do I need an entire new hub?

    Also what the nosiest but reasonable weight and cost for a trail bike?



    The volume comes generally from not being Shimano.

    Hope Pro 2 is the noise daddy as far as I’m aware, though Kings have an interesting buzz to them…


    A pro 2 with just light oil in it

    Thanks guys. Have an original Hope but after 10 years or so the noise is getting a little quiet for me! maybe an upgrade to the Hope Pro 2!

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    ProII add an orange 5 swingarm for ear splitting action

    ive got a fetish for a nice tingling freewheel so your not on your own.hope is the daddy also white industries emulates a great sound but its SS if thats your thing. 🙂


    did some one say ‘fetish’?

    ProII add an orange 5 swingarm for ear splitting action

    why do they creak so much?

    nice headgear janesy 🙂


    Pfft. Lollypop stick on your forks. FTW fetish boy.

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    Pro II in an Orange 5 doesn’t creak if you have a Maxle or just a 10mm QR. It does make a great noise to let others know that you are coming through especially if you put new pawl springs in.

    Londonpride: I noticed my pro2 was quieter than my mate’s. I gave it a good old clean and regrease as per Hope’s website and i’m back to LOUD. Another chap I know swears alloy cassette carriers help.

    Royce hub is louder than my pro2

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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