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  • flamejob

    Top 5: Come on, you’ve thought about it…

    IBIS Mojo; Full XTR and DT-Swiss
    Klein Attitude; 1990ish Green/White/Pink with XT
    Pace RC-100; XT/Bullseye/Magura
    AMP B5: AMP and XT
    224 Evo World Cup


    you’ve won the lottery and that’s your choice?



    Yeah, exactly!

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    Scapin Fybra maybe, something in the way of a classy marathon hardtail anyway.
    Surly Big Dummy only more so, rohloff’ed, schmidt dyno-hubbed and re-painted, probably high gloss navy blue.
    Condor Gran Fondo
    Something hilarious and suspension-ish. Maybe an Orange ST4.

    But I’d prefer to spend money on event entries, hotels and air-fares rather than bikes really.


    Premier Icon scaredypants

    I need more time, not new bikes


    Solid Gold Toilet 🙂



    Cannondale Rush with pikes at 110mm
    Corsair Maelstrom for the big stuff
    Dialled Technique Ti BMX
    Salsa La Cruz CX
    Custom Curtis Hardtail

    oh and some pimpy roadbike to hang on the wall


    just 5!!

    ti 4x bike like the athertons were racing last season

    lightweight 29er singlespeed

    scott spark super lightweight build

    i got to three realised i’m a closet weight weenie so i’m giving up!!


    Dammit.. I forgot about a road bike.


    Mountain Goat Whisky Town Racer
    Alternative Needs Transportation Boston Roadster
    Colella FS tandem
    err…. got the rest already

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Okay. In no particular order:

    Cotic Soda, DT 130mm forks, XTR drivetrain, Hope superlight minis, Easton, Stans/Am Classic wheels from JRA
    Kona Heihei just like the one I have apart from maybe a DT100mm fork insead of 80. Or actually more like both so I can swap around.
    Patriot just like mine but with XTR and some more lightweight stuff.
    Orange 5 with XTR, Stans Arch on Hope, MAgura Thors, USE Ti seatpost, Easton etc.
    Kona Four maybe
    Scott Scale with the most super super light bling. Soul Kozak hubs, the works, tipping the scales at sub 19lbs.
    Full DH bike
    Something like the Patriot (maybe another one) but kitted out with coil forks and shock, and slighly beefier stuff
    456 with 66s
    Fancy carbon road bike – maybe Kona framed
    Comfy ti Audax bike
    Time trial bike
    Jump bike
    Trials bike
    Kona PhD
    Track bike
    Kona Ute

    Premier Icon beaker

    A 1993/4 Klein Adroit- in Mardi gras
    A 1992 Kona Explosif- In black
    A 1993 GT RTS Team with Spin wheels
    A 1995 (I think) GT LTS
    A Maverick Durance- Trail bike build erring on the light side.
    A Merlin XLM- Lightweight XC build.
    A Colnago raod bike with Campag groupset



    I like Molgrips attitude… ‘like mine but’


    TI456 blinged right up with XTR.


    I’d have me the following:

    – A nice Ti framed HT with about 100-120mm of RS sprung Black box controlled forks, full Raceface Deus XC finishing kit & cranks etc, Hope Blingy DT rims on Hope Hubs, X0 shifters etc and some really nice brakes.

    – A SC Heckler, built strong but light, a white frame, black fork, black swing arm and white DT rims on Hopes, again Race face Deus AM gear and X0 stuff.

    – Keep my other two bikes the Handjob and the Pitch and probably upgrade to X0 bits and put better wheels on the Handjob and thats about it

    Premier Icon stufield

    Parlee Z1 & TT
    Custom Colnago c50
    Colnago Master
    Vanilla Touring bike
    Moots Ti Hardtail
    Moots Comooter
    Kent Eriksen FS with Yeti ASR rear end
    Serotta Custom titanium Tandem
    Yeti 303-R
    Yeti Carbon ASR
    Cervelo Track Bike
    Serotta Ti copy of Surly Big Dummy

    All with XTR, Dura Ace expect Vanilla & Big Dummy with Rohloff

    Windcheetah Recumbent
    Cannondale Rize Team
    Cannondale Scapel team
    Cannondale Taurine team
    Klein Adroit with green fade paint job

    Double garage with fully stocked workshop to service the lot and an airline for tubeless tires


    Ooh lets think….

    Santa Cruz Heckler
    Santa Cruz Blur XC
    Orange P7
    Cove Handjob
    On One Scandal 29″
    Some very lightweight hard tail race rig

    Cervelo P3C Time trial rig
    Cervelo P3C Track
    Dolan Track Frame
    Cervelo R3
    Cervelo S3 (for the turbo and training you understand..)
    Nice fixed wheel road frame

    And then some classics

    My original geometry P7
    Most of the Klein Range

    And I’m sure there are more!

    Premier Icon mboy

    Intense Slopestyle with Cane Creek DB shock and Rockshox Lyrik coils, full XTR etc.
    Brooklyn Machine Works SR6, similar setup to above, full Saint kit, mainly just for posing on though!
    Maverick Durance with DUC36’s (when they get released!), full XTR, lightweight “all day XC bike” build.
    Indy Fab Steel Deluxe built around a 120-130mm travel fork, customised (read lighter weight) Shimano Alfine hub, Maverick SC32’s, PIMP paint job, get used as the “winter” bike.
    Custom (built by me on a Dave Yates frame building course probably, if I could get a place!) 853 hardnut hardtail, geometry based pretty much on a Cotic BFe, but slightly slimmer/more forgiving stays, Fox 36RC2 Talas, Strong but reasonably light kit, Saint cranks/brakes/mech etc. EVERYTHING finished in jet black, this would be monikered as the “Stealth Bomber”
    Litespeed Ghisallo Road bike, full 10spd Dura Ace, Dressed in ANYTHING suitably ridiculously expensive from the Posh Bikes store. Probably about 12lb all up!
    Indy Fab Beatstick jump/4X bike, Rockshox Pike, Saint/XTR 1×9 setup with lightweight CF chain device etc.
    Nicolai ION ST, New 2010 Rockshox Boxxer Teams, full Saint kit including brakes, Cane Creek DB shock, full on DH race setup.
    Indy Fab Steel Planet Cross CX bike (to see what the fuss is about, and for quick trips to the shop etc.)

    And probably a few more, though my imagination is exhausted right now!


    top of the range de rosa road bike
    shopping bike with basket to go to the bakery(as i’d live in france)
    yeti for big alps
    specialized epic carbon for trails
    ultra bling cross bike for canal path riding
    the lightest ti bike i could build with 100 travel
    worlds most expensive singlespeed from a handbuilt show

    and a big wheeled 80cc crosser to rev the nuts off around my farm

    ow ow and a mtb tandem to scare the wife on

    Specialized langster, pimped

    Crevelo TT bike

    Crevelo track bike

    Orange get their ass in gear and give us the 225, i’d settle for the prototype in the meantime

    Giant Anthem

    Custom 4″ full susser made by ornage to my design, probably like a 5 but with less travel for trail centers, Foes shock, magura forks,

    Willer road bike

    Giant Reign X

    no hardtails in that list, because i’d learn to braze and build my own, exactly like my current DMR, but with half an 20m off the BB (its already lo eough, but you can never be too low), 20mm on the top tube, a degree off the head angle. Probably steal the tubeset and back end off a 456ti.


    forgot a 36er.

    Premier Icon UK-FLATLANDER

    Storck Fascenario 0.7 IS for the road
    Turner DW 5 Spot
    Intense Uzzi VPP
    Seven Sola Gold
    Titus Racer X Exogrid


    I haven’t got a garage, does this mean I cant win?


    Already got all mine, thanks 🙂

    Not trying to be smug but there’s nothing else I’d feel the need to splash on.


    The three I have:
    Santa Cruz Superlight K*ng wheels XTR, Reba WC
    Santa Cruz Bullit Deemax 66RC’s Sram XO
    Kona Lavadome 94 s/s
    and id add with my new found lottery winnings:
    Moots Hardtail xtr and fox f100rl’s
    Iron Horse Sunday w/boxxer WC


    after seeing that unicat, it had me wondering what is the best campervan/truck that is out there on the market todate?

    I’m drooling,but I’m a weirdo….An SE shocker.
    The first mountainbike i truly drooled over.

    That copy and paste didnt work . Oh how I miss the old forum. Well ,not really.
    google ‘se shocker’ . if arsed.

    No hang on it did work ,it did it did ,I’m so elated.


    As far as one upping the UniCat, the MultiMog takes it.

    I have been daydreaming about one since seeing it in at MoMA in 2002.

    What was Hanebrink thinking of when he put rigid forks on that thing?


    Some people put way too much trust in expensive kit. In absolute truth, I would be perfectly happy with my mountain bikes almost as I have them now. I;d upgrade to a **** off lightweight road bike but for the rest it’d be almost static. As we go….

    Chameleon singlespeed, high tech componentry but it’d be a standard chameleon, the most fun singlespeed bike available ever.

    Cove handjob. Again, i’d have the componentry upgraded from what I run myself but the frame is wonderful.

    A really nice fixed roadbike. Something that weighs nothing at frigging all.

    A roadbike that costs the earth. This would be made out of carbon that had been rolled white hot across small chidren from belgium to form it’s shape, it would have titanium fixings that were made for tour de france riders, the wheels would have been generated by mental karma issuing from 130 year old korabai monks who had been meditating purely on my wheels for 30 years before dropping dead the instant they were created….. and I’d rag it like I stole it.

    An inbred. old geometry. 853. cheap forks. a tad heavy but find some singletrack and heave it through. I’d pay thousands for a bike that was as quick through twisty singletrack as my 853 inbred was.


    DH Race bike: Iron Horse Sunday with an obscene light part list with xc wheels etc. Bos forks/shock etc. Under 35lbs.

    Normal bike: Nicolai ION gbox bike with all the trimmings, however I’d run good old 888s as they’re reliable as anything.

    Turner 5 spot with coil lyriks, old 952 xtr kit NOS.

    4x race bike built around a Scott carbon xc frame and silly light parts. Rebas etc. Under 20lbs.

    Custom made 853 jump frame with pikes.


    Santa Cruz Bluc XC Carbon
    Whyte Ti HT
    Orange P7 One (Fully rigid)
    IF SSR
    & a Chopper!


    Already have my 5 bikes, don’t need to swap them.. but would whack out some lottery winnings on a pimped garage and Sportsmobike van 😉


    I’d really only like more time to ride the bikes I’ve got, but if you twisted my arm I’d go for a Whyte 19 carbon (then I’d have a full set) and maybe an E120 superbike.


    lol@ samuri. I think your carbon dreams are almost true if you read Tony Elsworth’s comments about euro carbon road bikes.

    @solamander; See Sam Hill? Hes your boyfriend he is.


    @solamander; See Sam Hill? Hes your boyfriend he is.

    Not quite. I hate the whole Sam Hill wannabe thing, that was till I rode a sunday. I’ve ridden most of the top DH bikes (proper dh runs not car park testing). The Sunday is a stunning dh race bike, far nicer than the intense offerings.

    Premier Icon DezB

    1. keep my Yeti 575. Maybe get new wheels and a bolt-through fork.
    2. Crossmax wheels for my Handjob
    3. A mint mk1 Heckler or Superlight
    4. Trek Session 88
    5. Cannondale Taurine SL Team
    Roadbike with the change. Something black and stealthy and not like those vile euro abominations posted by alwyn!

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