Lost tdf peleton riders

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  • Lost tdf peleton riders
  • mrblobby

    Passed one of the Garmin riders last night on west berks country lanes. Must have been lost for quite some time as he was still wearing last years team kit!

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    I think if the marketing wonks asked Micha? Kwiatkowski or any of the previous world champs for their opinion

    I doubt we’ll ever get to know for sure but I disagree. It’s just a shirt, I doubt mr kwiatkowski or any of his predecessors are hung up about it.

    I’ve seen stores selling naff stuff that says “worlds greatest lover” on it, but I don’t get all pissy about that 😉

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    I’m dismayed to read this has been voted as one of the worst team jerseys ever, I loved / love it, might just buy one for the trails if I can find one! 🙂

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    nemesis wrote:

    My favourite one (2001?) Spot the doper

    er, all of them?


    My name’s Colin and I own an Italian champion jersey.

Viewing 6 posts - 161 through 166 (of 166 total)

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