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  • Losing the pump track virginity (Milford)
  • Stumbled across the Milford pump track/mega jumps while doing an XC ride yesterday. Really helpful bloke just leaving who was happy to show me the pump and tabletop section – thanks, that was v helpful.

    Had about 20 mins trying to overcome my fear of air and practicing pumps and berms. I hadn’t realised how much hard work it is!!!

    Good to follow someone else first – I ride too much on my one – otherwise I would not have attempted the table tops. Ok I hardly took any air, but built confidence to slowly start to ride steep faced molehills!!!. Seems like an excellent place to practice as each time I took the TT a little bit faster.

    Only downside was the painful off on the very small circle track at the end – two fingers very bruised and very sore/stiff this morning. Hopefully not broken but that dirt surface hurts!!!

    Can’t imagine tackling those big jumps though but would love to watch.

    If the guy I met is a STWer – thanks so much, will join up later today!!!

    (need to work out how to modify my camber evo for riding that. One article says to pump tyres up more??)

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    Which Milford is this at OP?


    South of Guildford

    Go and see Jedi

    Yes hard work makes you realise the importance of upper body too. Harder tyres and less give (more air) in forks you could do but focus on timing and technique more important. A BMX type bike is great and that tells you something. The table tops are great for learning to get air, many Alps bike parks have something similar.

    Been there done that on crashes on tight linked berms – my speed of weight movement is no where newr fast enough

    Yes as Jambas said its Milford Surrey just off the A3


    Its really a jump park but has two lines for novices/mincers like myself!!

    The big stuff looks amazingly scary!!

    Tried Jedi but booked for ages. My tyres were at 28 so need to be a bit firmer. Needed a few pedal strokes on the pump track but not the tabletops.

    Fingers strapped up but still bloody sore!!


    Brendog and Olly Wilkins ride over there a fair bit, you might bump into them at some point.

    Would be good – although have no idea what they look like!


    That’s about 5 minutes by bike from my house. I’ve been a few times and think it’s a great place for something different. Do find that riding jumps in a rhythm section is very different to most jumps you’ll find on the trails. Much more difficult. I think the bigger lines look easier than the tabletop line, just a lot more terrifying.

    I wasn’t trying too hard to take air tbh! But seems you need quiet a lot of speed to actually take off on the table tops. By the final one, I was really struggling to keep enough pace. It’s was nice roll 😉

    The other jumps are way too terrifying for me!! But would love to watch someone….


    “ages” has a habit of just coming round ;). Wednesday old blokes ride at Nirvana too …

    The old blokes are still quite radical aren’t they?

    Lots of jumps and scary Ranmore stuff?!? 😉


    Good for watching is what I meant. Rides can be anything from xc to quite jumpy

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