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  • Premier Icon cobrakai

    Just a couple of quick questions as I’m heading down in a couple of hours. I havnt been before so where to park car and any other tips?

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Park car on Coxford Rd.
    Do pop into the leisure centre a little bit up the road from Lordswood and have a play in the bike park.
    There is a map of the main trails produced by WCA of this parish, not sure if anyone has a link to it, I can’t find it on my computer.
    Some of the trails have been flattened recently by ‘the Man’.
    There is a regular Thursday eve ride which meets at the bike park 7pm every Thursday for a few hours of riding followed by a beer, nice relaxed pace dictated by my recent injuries or illnessess. More riders always welcome.

    Premier Icon cobrakai

    Thanks. Spent a couple of hours exploring around. Bumped into a 4 guys who gave me a couple of tips. Went to the bike park for a look. Unfortunately i didn’t give it a go as some people were working on it and I didnt want to get in their way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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