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  • Looks like I'll be saying goodbye to my mate (dog content) :-(
  • Our 8 yr old staffie boxer cross has been behaving strangely of late and after numerous visits to the vets he’s ended up in Derby pet hospital for an MRI scan.

    Turns out the old fella has a brain tumour. Will find out more tomorrow about possible treatment but I don’t think we will prolong anything for him. Absolutely gutted. Will make sure he comes home for some love and the walk of his life before we say goodbye.


    DSC04146 by davetheblade, on Flickr

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    Not good chap, very sad to hear it. Gutted for you. Take care, J.


    sorry mate

    nothing makes it feel better, just get through it

    We have a staffy cross boxer who’s 13 years old and in the last year or so has started to show his age. Fingers crossed for you

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    Sad times.

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    Very sad, just do the right thing and let time do the healing.


    Very sad and dread the day my best mate leaves my life. Remember the good days but I’m sure you will.


    😥 sorry to hear that fella

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    I knew what this thread was going to do to me and I knew I shouldn’t open it.

    It’s going to be the hardest thing you ever do. However, the pain will fade, but the memories of the good times never will.

    🙁 Make a big fuss of him. Unlike you he won’t be sad or worried, so he can enjoy his remaining days with you.


    This has brought me to the verge of tears!!

    When one of my cats was killed 7 years ago I was absolutely devastated, cried more than when my mum died!!

    All I have now are great memories of him, he really was my best mate.

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    Bugger. Sorry ’bout that feller.


    I knew what this thread was going to do to me and I knew I shouldn’t open it.


    Take care . . .


    Sorry buddy.


    What a handsome fella. You’ll be destroyed but get down the RSPCA and get another super guy in need as soon as you can. Good dog guardians/parents (hate the term ‘owner’) like yourself are always in short supply.


    Sorry to hear that. He looks like a great chap.

    sad day 🙁


    your boy is the spitting image of our staffie cross, great dogs.

    dont leave it too long, get another, as said there’s more dogs in need than there are good owners, and maybe the best way to remember this chap is to make a good home for another

    Terrible news.

    Take care of him.


    So sorry to hear this. But you know when it’s the right thing to do.


    I knew I shouldnt have opened this, good luck he looks like a cracker, gorgeous boy.

    Booo, sorry mate, that’s sad. He’s lovely….

    aye thats the way i look at it when we had to put our old Cat down – we gave him a good life, a good decent non suffering death and we now have new cats that we can give a good home too. the circle of (pet) life.

    OP – best wishes!

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    Very sad. I have had to say goodbye to several great dogs so far, and it never gets any easier. Just be certain that he knows how much you love him and make that last walk a belter. I’m welling up just thinking about it. Be strong and get another as soon a s you can, so many dogs need good homes.


    gutted for you mate.


    I’m really sorry for you. These decisions are never easy, but it may be the best thing.

    Give him a big hug from me.


    sad news , feel for you 😥


    Really sorry to hear that. They really are a man’s best friend and it’s a sad thing that they’re only with us for a relatively short time 🙁


    Dogs really do exert an amazing emotional pull. I am dreading losing my first one (currently 11 yrs old). Truly man’s best friend.

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    If it is the worst then try and arrange for the vet to come out to the house for his ‘final visit.’ We did this with our dog as she hated the vets. She was asleep in the kitchen and he came in and just helped her stay asleep….

    Still really hard but we took a lot of comfort from knowing she was completely oblivious to the whole thing.

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    sorry to hear that – make the most of the time together. Grab some quality snaps together.

    Oh poor little lad, so sorry to hear this 🙁

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    Sad news 🙁


    About as tough as it gets. I’m still in bits after having my old fella put down last year.

    Give him a big hug as often as you can.


    We’re at the same point now. Our King Charles Spaniel will be 15 in January, she’s completely deaf and sleeps most of the day. She still enjoys a small walk and a fuss though. She had a stroke a few years back and battled back from that but when do you make the call to end things before they start suffering?

    So tough 😥

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    when do you make the call to end things before they start suffering?

    For us it was when she stopped wanting to go out for walks.

    You just know when.

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    I’m welling up. Stay strong fella it’s gonna be tough, you have my deepest sympathy.

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    Gah, sorry to hear 🙁 ^^ definitely ask the vet for a home visit, I did this for my last dog as she hated the vets, it was really gentle and totally un-stressful for her. It’ll be really tough, but just try to remember the good times. I found getting rid of food / bowls / etc (assuming you have no more dogs that is!) as it just reminds me of them.

    I lost my best mate (kitty) 6 months ago, I still catch glimpses of him out the corner of my eye occasionally but it’s only a shoe or something stupid, and I still find myself when I come in from work looking in his chair to see where he is 🙁 just try not to be too upset if this happens to you!


    Sorry to hear that UBB. I always loved that shot of him on the ferry/boat stood on his hind legs with tongue out loving every minute of it.

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    I’m sure you’ll do the right thing at the right time, but condolences. Don’t have a dog – would absolutely love one but can’t – but I can see this must be the hardest thing. Good luck.

    Thanks for all the replies – don’t really know a lot more today, but will hopefully have some answers later.

    It’s hard knowing how healthy he normally looks – he could come home tomorrow and run like a whippet. Hopefully we get to spend that bit of quality time together.

    I’m currently working away on nights on the M5 in Bristol, whilst Mrs STR and little miss STR are back home nr Matlock in constant tears – poor hound is 20 miles away from home in a cage 🙁 It’s stress that makes him go downhill too, so just hoping he’s that doped up at the moment, he doesn’t know what’s going on.

    Rickos – awesome memory, that was years ago. I’ll put a little montage of his life up as and when the time is fit.

    Cheers all! x

    So, our little fella has left us a little sooner than we expected.

    We didn’t get chance to have him home or go for that long walk. I’m 150 miles away and didn’t even get chance to say goodbye.

    The vet rang and said he’d gone downhill today, so we took the decision that whilst he was sleeping to let him go.

    Bless you Wesley. Sleep well little man.

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