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  • Looking for a new to me car
  • asbrooks
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    Currently I have a 2008 Renault Megan Scenic which has been good to me. I can remove all the rear seats and can get a couple of bikes in the back plus camping gear.
    Two weeks ago the heater blower gave up the ghost and early next year will need another cam belt change. So not really economical getting those things done for an older car. Plus in these days of high petrol prices, I get about 38mpg and do 250 miles commute to work each week.

    So looking around for something around a 2015 plate that has good mpg for the commute that I can use in a ulez and transport a bike (not bothered about removing wheels).
    My neighbour has a petrol ecoboost focus that he swears he can get around 62mpg which if true, will cut my petrol costs by around 40%, plus a reduction in tax from 290 to £20.

    But is there anything else out there I should consider?

    P.S. If I didn’t have a couple of teenagers at Uni to fund, I’d get an EV of some sort.

    Thanks 🙂

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    Another Scenic? My dad has just sold his and got a Capture with the same little 1.5dci. Just headed on hols fully loaded and got of 60mpg. My son also has a Kangoo with a 1.5dci which has been utterly reliable. Or are you set on petrol?

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    Thanks for your reply db.

    I’m not against diesel per say however, I don’t do motorway miles to burn off the dpf. All of my commute miles are done on low speed B roads. The only time I get to go on motorway and drive at those speeds is when going away on holiday or bike weekends, which is infrequent theses days.

    My local garage shuddered at the thought of changing a cam belt on a diesel scenic.

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    What’s it worth?

    Why not fix the blower and run it until it dies? Don’t bother with the cam belt change.

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    My neighbour has a petrol ecoboost focus that he swears he can get around 62mpg

    For balance, my wife has the 100bhp 3cylinder Fiesta EcoBoost and she doesn’t get anywhere near that mpg in a smaller, lighter car.

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    Be the reastat on the blower.

    Don’t touch a 2nd hand ecoboom in my opinion.

    My way of looking at it is your going to spend 5k to save a tenner a week?

    1500k9k diesel engine in Nissan and Renault is a good lump in my opinion

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    Same here, our eco boost fiesta does about 42-45 to the gallon. Her old diesel Yaris did around 65

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    Honda Civic 1.6d. Over 60 MPG. Try and find a tourer. They are only ULEZ after September ’15, I think.

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    Small, economical Euro 4 petrol, cheap tax?
    Toyota Aygo or Kia Picanto with a roof rack
    However, a bit bigger/more comfortable for 50 miles per day?
    Toyota Yaris or Kia Rio

    IME Kia fuel economy could be better, but they tend to be cheaper to buy and 2015 will just be coming out of warranty

    If you do push the boat out and go for an EV, they’re not all roof rack/towbar capable

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