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  • Looking for a new shed. Any recommendations?
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    Looking for a new shed to house bikes and other general garden clutter. Approx 8 x 10 size.
    Anyone found any good bargains recently or know good online firms?


    Speak to footflaps on here… an expert in sheds

    Looking for one too, just for the bikes though…will be interested to see the answers on this 🙂


    +1 for Tigersheds, I bought one 4.5 years ago and service was great as is the shed.


    Calling foot flaps…..

    Not sure his comes in the ‘bargain’ category though!

    Can you not get one purpose built by a local guy, thats what I did and got one with no windows and thicker T&G with the door bolted onto the frame with coach bolts. TBH it was not any really any dearer than buying an off the peg, Also buy one with a proper wooden floor and roof as the chipboard type ones are 5h1t.

    One of my colleagues is selling a Renault – that should be perfect


    Well worth the wait for the cost. Oh, don’t believe the lead in times :O)
    And…………. the basic orange colour is TANGO orange. Go and buy a £10 woodtreatment pot and do it before getting it screwed together.
    And…………. buy a load of screws as they only send a few bolts which IMHO aren’t enough. Get it screwed up good and tight first time round and it should last.
    I put ours on a concrete base with fence post sleepers. They come with a pallet style base but belts and braces is my approach as it’s there to last and it’s easier to do it right first time when it’s empty than when it’s full and falling to bits.



    +1 for build yer own -ignoring the temporary door fixture/weedy padlock that cost 350 quid for the wood from the sawmill and is still standing today – 2.5 years later – lasted alot longer than anything the landlord had put up in his garden next door – due to constant wind pummeling it – he was so impressed he bought it from me when i left.

    If your near north Wales I have a pal who builds sheds (local farmers son) super solid wont blow away unlike the crap you get from b&q failing that build your own!


    warwick buildings in Southam

    build your own in rough swan 4×2 and finish exterior however you want

    i’d roof it with tin though not felt


    http://www.gardenshedsrus.co.uk are brilliant. Total custom builds to suit you, they offer standard sheds with or without windows, security doors, Free dip treatment & erection delivery, My parents used them 17 years ago and still has a shed, Yeh its been re-felted and painted every year but still strong, Living in rural area its had a beating by the weather aswell. Good luck

    another +1 for tiger sheds


    if you like a bit of DIY try building your own. I’ve built 2, one from recycled/salvaged timber (cost about £30 to build it) and the second using timber i bought from a local merchant (total about £120). took about two weekends for either, plus a bit of time to sort the recycled timber into usable/matching sizes. lots of guides online but i freestyled it a bit, mainly inspired by my dads sheds he built when we were kids. both are solid and way more secure than a B&Q shed for the same money

    Rob Hilton

    Sound required – not actually a recommendation, just my favourite (shed) website.

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