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  • Long/fast singletrack? North (ish)
  • scunny

    Right, i’ve got a week off next week, and i’d like to get some riding in. I usually ride in the Peaks, but i’d like to ride some singletrack for a change. Ideally within 1.30hrs of Scunthorpe.

    Dalby any good?

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    It’s great. The red is 23 miles long . It’s fast and flowy in places, it’s techy in places. It’s a bit dull in places, but hey, it’s 23 miles long!

    Try the world cup course, well signposted from Dixons Hollow.


    Dalby it is then.


    North along Burton HIlls to Alkborough?

    I don’t like Dalby… There are some great bits, but the dull ratio is not favourable.

    Cannock? I think it’s underrated, especially the Monkey Trail.

    Some ace natural stuff round Hebden Bridge – was riding over that way Saturday and t’was ace.

    Blue Pig, Pecket Well and Chipps Birthday are all cracking descents and used by the likes of Ragley, Hope and Orange as test grounds.

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    Gisburn Forest?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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