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  • Long weekend in Dubrovnik, what like?
  • acidchunks

    Up the cable car to the top of the hill gives you a great view of the city but get a return as the walk back down is fairly pointless. There’s a Napoleon fort up there with a war museum inside.

    Quite enjoyed walking around Lokrum island, they filmed a few locations from GoT there as well. If you go take sturdy sandals or trainers as some of the paths are in a very poor state.

    You can get a one day pass to several tourist attractions, doesn’t cost much. You get access to the top of the city wall, maritime museum and a few other places.

    Cool, cable car, walk round the walls, kayak round the walls, a day’s diving = long weekend sorted. Cheers

    Premier Icon Nick

    Went there this summer, go on the walls as early as possible, 7:30am I think they open, but might be later this time of year. Miss the crowds, get good light for photos.

    Taj Mahal was nice food & good value (Bosnian not Indian!).

    Didn’t do the cable car, looked like a greenhouse on a wire (was 36 deg when we were there though).

    Went to Lokrum, nice swimming, could easily kayak there.

    Fancy a long weekend away and for some reason Dubrovnik seems appealing. Rediscovering the single life after several years, the odds are I’ll be on my own, just want to head off for a bit. Anyway, scuba diving looks ok (PADI AOW) and, having watched Game of Thrones, a half days sea kayaking around the city walls looks good. Anything else to go on the Must Do/See list?


    You will love it. Pretty cheap and people are friendly. Ice cream parlours are really popular.


    I walked to the other fortlet on top of the hills behind. forget the Napoleonic war, the memorials to the dead boys of 1990 made me cry. There’s a small redoubt overlooking the next valley. It’s poignant. Spot the fallen pylons on the way down, too.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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