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  • Long term users of mattresses in a box (Simba/Casper/Eve etc)
  • Jamie
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    Thinking of getting one of those mattress in a box thingies. I know they come with 100 day returns, but thought I’d tap the STW tree of knowledge to see how they are getting on with them day to day.

    Especially as I am a bit wary of all the rave reviews, especially by those who have just bought them. So if anyone has got a long term (re)view on any of the usual suspects like Simba, Eve, Casper, Leesa, Bruno etc, (I assume to a degree they a much of a muchness, even the Simba with it’s ‘micro coils’), so regardless what you have your opinion would be appreciated. Good or bad, as interested to see how hassle free the returns process is if one decides it’s not for them.

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    I can’t answer your direct enquiry, but I was looking at similar (and the PremierInn Mattress) and then found IKEA mattresses.

    That have a similar try/return concept (90 days), but you also get the advantage of the ‘showroom test’ that the mattress in a box companies can’t provide and seem to dismiss as irrelevant.

    AND the prices are lower than the Casper and Simba sites are showing

    If you can wait 10+ years I can give you another review on the longevity….

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    Had a relatively expensive Ikea mattress for a couple of years and now have a Simba.

    The Ikea mattress felt good in the store but longer-term, just didn’t work that well.  Even with the two-components of topper and base that they specify, it wasn’t comfy.  Hence the replacement with a Simba…  the Simba is like a magic carpet!  It is heaven!  So much so we bought the adjustable filling Simba pillows and they are even better.

    Without any reservation – I would recommend.

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    On the rave reviews thing, this is worth a read. It goes into how the review business works and why it is so difficult to get honest reviews of anything online really :(.  The most amazing thing for me was that a mattress manufacturer ended up owning one of the big review sites

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    And to balance jamj1974 up there, a friend of mine hated her Simba, the most uncomfortable nights sleep ever, apparently. Went back the same week.

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    I know Stoner bought a simba a couple of years ago  and was pleased with it at first so I’d be keen to hear how he’s getting on with it.

    We’ve got one coming on Saturday!

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    Very interesting article linked up there by leffeboy.

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    Finding our Eve very comfortable after 12 months but time will tell I guess

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    looking at simba  so interested in feedback too, with have the mid range ikea one (I think the more expensive ones don’t come rolled up).  About a year, its okay, average I’d say.

    We are having to look at ones in a box due to awkward stairs and wanting a super king.

    Are they hot in summer?  (I suppose given it is only 3 days a year might not matter too much)

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    We had an EVE mattress briefly, I loved. Wife hated it she said it aggravated her back/sciatica.  Sending it back wasn’t overly difficult and thankfully you don’t have to get it back in the box 😉

    We’ve now ended up with the original rock hard mattress but with a memory foam “topper”

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    we have 3 Ikea Hovag mattresses in the house 1 medium firm and 2 firm , no complaints here. £180 each  can’t complain at the price either.

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    We bought a Simba over a year ago.

    It’s a mattress, so I can’t get too excited about it. Slightly warmer than a traditional sprung mattress. We both get a good night’s sleep on it, so no complaints.

    The main reason we went for it was we liked the firmness (tried one in John Lewis) and they did Continental sizes, which most manufactures didn’t do when we looked (Habitat bed frame).

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    Yes, but how is it in ‘sports mode’?

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