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  • joemarshall

    Do you want insurance for stuff being nicked, or to fly you home if you get injured?

    If you have a single address in NZ for that long, you might be able to get home insurance to cover the gear, but it obviously won’t cover you being flown home if you are injured, which is why travel insurance is so expensive. If you’re happy with going to an NZ hospital if you get injured, then do you need fly-home cover? You might need private health insurance over there anyway if you’re not a permanent resident, think I remember something through work about gp visits and non-emergency treatment (in an A+E emergency situation, you get treated anyway as a UK citizen).

    Premier Icon simon_g

    There’s gap year or backpackers cover from many, although they tend to cut off at 18 months.

    What visa are you travelling on, as presumably you won’t be on a tourist one for the full 2 years?



    Just wondering if any of you have taken out travel insurance for an extended period? I’m off to NZ in July for a minimum of 23mths.

    I’m looking to get cover to include Downhill riding which bumps up the cost but is a priority. I’m taking my bike, kit, camera and laptop as well (Although it’s primarily a holiday, I can still take on design work from the UK), so there needs to be some belongings cover, although attempting to cover all of those together is very unrealistic!

    I’ve so far looked at Snowcard and Dogtag having used them in the past.

    Would it be worth buying a months cover and then getting insured by a local company in New Zealand?

    Any advice is much appreciated!



    Thanks guys,

    I’m traveling out on a 23mth working holiday visa with a view to apply to stay with a skilled migrant visa, that’s if I like the place and can find a job e.t.c.

    The quote I have had is for backpackers cover as I don’t want to be limited by single trip cover. The prices are between £1100-£1400 with £1k-£2k belongings and accident cover for DH MTB for up to 18 months.

    I won’t have a permanent address for the first month or so as I plan to travel around the north island. During that time my bike and a fair bit of kit will be stored with a family friend in a secure garage. I do plan to find a place ready for summer though and would likely stay there for at least a year, probably more.

    I like the idea of getting contents and then private medical insurance when I have a place to rent. In which case, I would only need a month or two travel insurance and wouldn’t need it to cover MTB.


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