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  • Long Shot – OSIsoft PI System
  • teacake


    We’re looking at using this system at work and I wonder if anyone out there in the process industry world has used it?

    I’m particularly interested in how long it takes to set up the Asset Frame work, Events, Dashboards etc.

    I realise its quite an open ended question but any real experience would be welcome.



    I’m not directly involved but some of my work ends up interfacing with Pi… usually from historian downstream but I do have a lot of interactions with the Pi teams though so I’m repeating what they tell me more than 1st hand experience.. BUT .. well as you said long shot…

    It’s pretty much down to how many systems you have on the data collection side…. and how you set rules for events really… (and to some extent how many different formats the end-sensors have)

    Unless you want to leave it up to defaults you also need to define the thresholds for transmission (due to the way Pi does compression)

    As I undertand implementation cost is something like

    Number of sensors / Number of formats * magic number + number of consolidated streams * magic number + number of dashboards to configure (again+ magic number)


    Thanks Steve.

    That’s helpful to hear. The system can be quite complex and our use of it will (initially) be quite simple.  I’m happy enough with the costs, it’s more the time required as this is fall mostly on me and I don’t want to end up struggling to deliver!



    The costs magic number though is time dependent… (mainly)

    From experience management want some dashboards but the real work is all the interfaces and however many sensor types you have and which protocols etc.

    Unless someone knows your specific interfaces (usually business sector specific) I think it’s a bit hit and miss… you can eventually connect up more or less anything its a question of time… and meanwhile management want to see the “other end”…

    In general… this is the sort of thing I’d pay experts to do….

    As it becomes more complex later the difficulties tend to come from how you initially configured stuff like this…

    If I remember they have specific partners who can do the install and config and hopefully in a way you can then expand it yourself later.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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