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  • Long Mynd, Church Stretton. Tell me about it please.
  • The trails are great around there, ask the young lad in the shop for the best ones, he knows his stuff.

    The pub is excellent, food is absolutely superb but it’s more of a food pub than a drinking pub. There’s a couple of little pubs in little straeton that’s 5 minutes away in a taxi. They are much better than any of the pubs in church Stratton which was surprisingly disappointing for a night out.

    Oh and you’ll love the camping pods, really good for the price.


    Cracking pub and camping pods. Food has been excellent both times I’ve been and very accommodating for 14 of us on a stag do drinking till late into night. Enjoy


    As above really, pub is more of a food pub, but that’s not a bad thing. I had some brilliant steak in the evening and a really nice breakfast.

    Pods were full when we went so camped in the field, no complaints, guys in the bike shop are sound too.

    Great little spot, will be going again next month. Trails are good, use the map to find them, Minton Batch is the most well known but some of the others are great too.

    Hardtails are ideal btw, nice flowy singletrack.


    memories.. really must get back up there


    the only real downside to the place is the lack of trees. when its windy its properly exposed up there with very little shelter (which i’m kinda used to riding black mtns & brecon beacons). on weekends then can also be a lot of walkers.

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    Camped there about a month ago on a bike packing trip. The camp site is not the most picturesque but it was fine and the facilities clean. I can imagine on a busy weekend though the showers/toilets will be very busy as the block seemed quite small for the amount of tents that could be put up.

    The pub on site was great, good food and nice atmosphere.

    The area is great for biking, get the map here: http://www.mtb-shropshire.co.uk/content/uploads/map5.jpg
    Stringing together any of those sections is a descent ride. Would suggest descending Minton Batch (7) and Carding Mill valley (10) (but do the latter later on or early as it will be full of walkers on a nice day). Follow your nose around the woods south of the gliding club.

    More blatant pimpin’ of my site (for about the 75th time 🙂 ) for some other routes around there:

    Long Mynd Routes

    Hob Nob

    I rode there recently. Got shown around the supposed good stuff by some local shop guys. Found the riding pretty dull to be honest. Couple of bits were good, but I left feeling distinctly ‘meh’ about the vast majority.


    We are going to ride the Long Mynd at the weekend. Camping at http://www.camping-shropshire.co.uk/

    What’s the camping and pub like ?

    And what trails should we do ? We will be on our HT’s.

    Did the Mynd last month. A great day out. Long Tarmac climb to the top, down the Minton Batch, back up then down another cracking singletrack descent. About 3 hrs which included getting lost. Looks like there is plenty to do in that area. HT perfect. Rounded off with a cracking bacon cob.


    Can’t comment on camping/pubs as it’s 45 minutes from home so I don’t bother – although some of the pubs do look inviting.

    I’ve never felt ‘meh’ about it. The views on their own are fantastic. It’s very much long climb/long descent style riding so guess you’ll be up/down 3-5 times depending on route/fitness. Compared to the other hotbeds for non-trail centre mtb that i’ve ridden(peaks/lakes) it’s less rocky tech, more fast flowy. Not always singletrack (although there is a lot of it) but always very fast. Puts a smile on my face guaranteed.

    Hope weather is good for you, as another has said it’s exposed on the top. Start early in the morning so it’s quieter. I’ve always done Carding Mill as a climb instead of a descent although I’m sure that would be fun, because of the walkers. For descents there is Minton Batch of course, and inbetween there and Carding Mill there is one marked as a footpath on OS that you can ride on bike near Pole Bank, over Round Hill and finishing at Little Stretton. Then have a look over by Jinlye guest house on Plush Hill, going down the Batch to All Stretton or off the East side.

    There’s other bits including the downhill in the woods by the glider club. There’s some descents off the NW side of Long Mynd but better to stick to those on the SE side.


    Lovely place to ride. The climbs are all rideable, but you’ll need to be good, and more importantly, fit. Scenery is great – particularly looking back towards Church Stretton and Caer Cadoc (sorry if spelling wrong).

    Trails are a mix of open, grassy blasting, widish slightly rocky tracks and lovely singletrack.

    Be prepared to go fast, very fast if you let the bike run on some of the wide, grassy stuff. Speeds of 40 mph + are not unheard of!


    Caer Caradoc – nice view from top as well as from the Lawley


    The guys at the shop will give you a route map, with all the “must do” stuff on it. other paths not marked on the map will mainly be footpaths. As others have said it will be busy at weekends, take care around the walkers. (one lady was knocked down by a passing mtber lately) I would offer to show you around ,but im busy this weekend sorry.

    oh and Hard Tails are fine! not a lot of really tech stuff.


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