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  • fontmoss

    Put this up on tritalk too but know a few stwers like a swim and run either side of the bike.

    Tinkering with idea of a long distance next year. Had one eye on outlaw but won’t have the entry fee until end of this month and sold out now. Looking for ideas on a ‘good’ race to enter as my first. Done a middle distance before and after something with good organisation and memorable*. Living in SW London these days but from Scotland, just moved from East Midlands so can scab accomodation in both those areas. Doesn’t necessarily have to be UK but preferred to keep costs down. That said my girlfriend was in Zurich last year for work and the IM looked cracking.

    Probably interesting over flat and fast. Couple friends have done Celtman and tried to get me to sign up for next year but just started work and as it stands I’m doing very little in my spare time. That should change after December but I’d be signing up with the idea that I might only have time for the bare minimum of training. Possibly not, I might have a decent chunk of time!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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