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  • wors

    we went swimming in the serpentine, probably not the best idea this time of year though!

    My son enjoyed going on the tube more than anything!


    Natural History Museum

    Premier Icon Stoner

    Top of a double decker bus.
    Jubilee line tube or DLR (Jr loves sitting at the front of the DLR)
    Clipper river boat.

    All inexpensive, but my boys love it.

    They’ll love Hamleys, but it depends on your budget/control of their expectations.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    National history / science / British museums all good.

    Mister P

    I have taken Little Miss P to the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. She enjoyed both but the tube has been her favourite part of both days out.

    Premier Icon Nobby

    Natural History Museum


    And the Science Museum which has a great interactive centre for all ages.

    Both are free as is the V&A Museum of Childhood. Not been to this myself but friends & their offspring found it very interesting.


    Newly opened IWM would be good, very busy though. You can make it a full day, it’s also very close to Southbank, lots to do there too, Aquarium, London eye etc.

    Premier Icon El Vino

    as others have said Natural History & Science Museums are fantastic and free, as a treat the ice cream parlour in Harrods is brilliant as is the Pizzeria, Magicians in the Ice Cream parlour and Opera singing chefs in the Pizzeria (they are next to each other) are fantastic. Shard and London Eye are also good if the weather is good but again not cheap. Monument to great fire worth a detour as likely your 8 year old will be covering it at school this year and kids tend to enjoy the trek to the top.


    This gave me some inspiration to take my little girl into town for some daddy / daughter time… But I’ve been reminded that we have to go to yet another 3yr old birthday party.
    Is anyone else getting tired of birthday parties? My wife thinks I’m a “miserable git”!

    I think Stoner’s suggestions are good!

    Premier Icon annebr
    Premier Icon martinhutch

    The only things I saw out in London as a kid that I remember were Natural History Museum and HMS Belfast.

    Your two are at a difficult age difference though – I’d expect the 8-year-old to be interested in stuff like a tour of Parliament and even the National Gallery, but there’s no way a four-year-old would put up with that for long.

    As above, the Museums are a must.

    For food, I can very much recommend Sophie’s in Covent Garden as one of the best kid-friendly restaurants that’s also a nice place for grown ups to eat. Don’t take bookings, though, so get there a little early if you can.

    Top tip – The Number 11 bus. Runs from Chelsea, through Westminster and in to the City, past all the sights.

    Have a look at the Tate as well, the proper one! They do a lot of great events for kids, that really get them involved in the art. Plus, you can pop over the road for a great beer in my local…! 🙂


    combi london eye and boat trip ticket is a winner.
    get tickets online before you go and its not that expensive.
    The kids loved the eye and the boat trip is ace cause you are say on you arse seeing all the sights.

    covent garden is also good for a street shows, just make sure you tip them if its any good.


    I’m doing the exact same thing in a couple of weeks for my kids birthday, same age as yours.

    We are staying for two days and doing nat hist museum, science museum, aquarium, planet Hollywood, Buckingham palace and a bus tour if we have time.


    Hi all,

    taking my kids to London for the school holidays.

    i realise its a big place but any suggestions for things to see and do etc?

    ages 8 and 4.

    thinking imperial war museum and Greenwich so far.



    I’d say Buckingham Palace is a waste of time, maybe driving past it okay, but it’s just a very big, not particularly interesting looking, house.


    I’ll be there with my kids too 🙂 I am a (ex)londoner so maybe that doesn’t count.

    London Aquarium is good (though being London, not cheap)

    Hamleys/Harrods are worth a look

    Van Halen

    Having done a variety of trips with the eldest over the years I’d suggest doing just one or 2 things in a day. London is big and they have small legs.

    If you are going in school holidays don’t bother with the science museum. It’s carnage. Save that for an inset day.

    Museums are ok but get dull for small people quick. Same with Tate etc. Go to southbank and watch the skaters or speakers corner to heckle wierdos.

    Boat trip good. London eye good. The little ones loved hanging out in battersea park and a trip on a pedalo but you can do that pretty much anywhere.

    Bus trip would be good. Oh and tube!

    Just took the 13yr old to camden market which was ace but I recon I’d lose a small person. Esp on a weekend!


    If you’re off on the train check out for loads of 2 for 1 offers when accompanied by a valid train ticket.

    You could go on one of those amphibious DUKW tours if you fancy some excitement.

    Mister P

    I was quite disappointed by London Zoo when I took Little Miss P. It was midweek but still very busy and we didn’t get to see much. Twycross is much better IMO.

    I quite like the idea of an open top bus ride though. I think I will do that next time we head to the city.

    Premier Icon grizedaleforest

    Natural History and Science museums at half term will be unpleasant! If you’re City side, HMS Belfast is interesting; Tower of London surprisingly good but expensive – go early to beat the hordes; St Pauls and walking around Pudding Lane.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Kids love “driving” the DLR trains (they’re remote controlled so if you go to the front you can pretend to be the driver).

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