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  • London to Brighton Evening ride (17:00 – 23:00)
  • fakiee


    Has anyone cycled to Brighton from London during rush hour?  I want to cycle near the summer solstice (June 21st) from London leaving Tower Bridge at 17:00 then aim to be in Brighton for 23:00.

    Everyone seems to think I’m crazy to try it.  Be great to hear any experience of the route around theses times.

    Premier Icon martymac

    I would think the first couple of hours would be the worst, but after that it should quieten down quite nicely.

    You should consider the north of Scotland too, it doesn’t really get dark up here for a couple of months, more of a twilight type light.

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    I’m doing the Brighton edition of the Friday Night Ride to the Coast next Friday.

    That starts at midnight though 🙂

    Premier Icon Straightliner

    Should be fine once past Croydon as you will then start to get quieter roads as route options and it will become altogether more pleasant.

    Be aware that if you plan to return by train GTR (Southern Rail, Thameslink) aren’t running all* of the timetabled services at the moment so getting back may be a challenge.

    * – Even a decent chunk of ‘all’ might be acceptable, right now it’s a shambles.


    Thanks for the help, and yeah if the trains aren’t running coming back we will be in trouble!

    Premier Icon Painey

    I live just outside Brighton and used to cycle to work in London sometimes during the summer. It’s not at all bad really, you’ll certainly be going faster than most of the traffic!!

    I’m doing London to Brighton @ Night Off-road! On 1st September.

    Starts Saturday night and finishes on the seafront with the sun coming up. All being well.


    Try the offroad route?  I’ve ridden the Downslink at night and very nearly got taken out by a badger at Partridge Green – it just shot out of the bushes and missed my wheel by cm. Once I got to Steyning, I picked up the SDW, rode to Eastbourne to get to Tesco Express as it was opening @ 6am – sat on the pavement outside stuffing my face with pork pies. Got back on my bike and rode home again.

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