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  • London riders Fancy earning £400
  • ChrisB

    Applied. Thanks dude 😀


    No problem, good luck!

    He needs loads of people so spread the message -but not any brown people – as I’m brown it might affect my chances – I WANT TO CORNER THE BROWN SECTOR – does that sound wrong?

    Also he needs ladies that cycle – with or without baskets on their bikes 😀

    Premier Icon timmys

    I’m guessing with my only bike being my Zesty I’m not going to look ‘commuter’ enough, unless they really want all sorts or can lend me a boris bike for the day?!


    A bikes a bike (taking nothing away from your zesty as they are great machines), I’d put in if you it anyway, they want real riders on real bikes- so a boris bike may not be ideal. It’s worth a go isn’t it?

    There’s nothing to lose at the and a possible 400sheets to gain if they use you?

    Go on, do it 😉


    I know this is the wrong place to post this BUT It really needs to get seen:

    On my ride home on Friday I was given a flyer asking for people to submit photos for a TLF (Transport for London) advert casting, which I’ve done but the guy emailed today and said he’s not had a great response and could I help.

    So I thought of the STW crowd, if you’re picked all you have to do is ride your bike and get paid £400 – not bad eh?

    Riders need to be all shapes and sizes – so get you’re women folk and kids in on the act as well – imagine what you could buy with the winnings?

    Anyway here’s the details:

    We are casting for normal people with their bikes. £400 for appearing in an ad for Transport for London’s Bicycle superhighways – the blue roads.

    If you are interested, please email a photo of yourself in casual / smart-casual clothes (basically anything that isn’t lycra or a suit and doesn’t have large logos on it) standing with your bicycle and one head and shoulders shot with and without a helmet, together with a phone number we can easily contact you on:

    The exact date of the photoshoot is not yet decided but will happen for 1 full day either during the week of the 23rd or more likely weekend of the 28th / 29th May, depending on everyone’s availability and the weather.

    More details to follow.

    Closing date: This Monday 16th May 9am
    Many thanks,
    Dan Black @ Smart Creatives

    I say: get your cameras out – If you can earn the cash then you can spend it here. So it kind of right, isn’t it?


    I’ll give that a go me thinks

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