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    Meeting some mates and Oxford Circus is conveniently in the middle of all three train stations with direct tube lines. But I’m concerned that oxford Circus could be a cultural wasteland of shopping and chain restaurants only. Any decent proper pub recommendations nearby.

    The Cock Tavern, 27 Gt Portland St would probably be a fair shout…


    How far are you prepared to walk? Good pubs around Grt Portland St way and Wardour St way


    Corner of Gt Portland and Mortimer, popular meeting place, can’t remember the name, they will all be very busy tonight, the champion in Eastcastle st, nice one in Gt Titchfield st corner of Langham st, plenty tucked away north of Oxford st. hth


    What they said about the Cock. Cheap and grubby but wholesome

    another option cold be The Clachan on Kingley Street. It’s been cleaned up since its heyday but the last time I was there it was OK, it fills up with girls from Liberty’s in the evening too which is a bonus.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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