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  • London decent coffee & cafes
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    I am staying near Tower Bridge next month for a few days.

    Usual coffee/food stops are Monmouth coffee, Borough Market, Fernandez & Wells Somerset House, Speakeasy off Carnaby St, Food for Thought Neale St, Bagel bakery Brick Lane are my favourite sort of places.

    Any other suggestions for really good coffee & cheap healthy eats? anywhere centralish as will be walking. I can only go 2 hours without food so as many suggestions as possible would be welcome.

    Much appreciated.

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    I like the Sally Army cafe at the northern end of the bouncy bridge for that neck of the woods.

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    just get this if you have a smart phone. worth every penny and less than the cost of a bad cup of coffee from starbucks

    i recommend dose in long lane, workshop in clerkenwell, the curators in leadenhall, tapped and packed, espresso room, elliots, Notes (both cafes and carts).theres loads more on the app.

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    Not so much for coffee, but more for cheap healthy eats – I quite like Houmous Bros (not dissing their coffee, just can’t remember if I had any with food), theres a few branches about the place, can’t quite remember where though. But if you’re on foot you’ll probably pass one.

    Not so cheap but ticking both boxes would be Ottolenghi

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    Rapha on Brewer St.

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    Look ma no hands on old street

    You can thank me later

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    Brilliant thanks – never thought of sally army & walked past loads of times. Rapha is too near Bar Italia.

    Others I’ll have a look at.

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