London Bike Show – Worth Going

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  • London Bike Show – Worth Going
  • Premier Icon Steelsreal

    So pondering going there for the day on Sunday, currently in the market for a new frame and forks (29er) will i see anything new? Will I be able to pick up any bargains?

    Seems to havemerged with three other shows so bit worried i will just spend an hour and a half on the train, buy an expensive hot dog and come home empty handed…(well empty of £60 anyway)

    Sixty pahynd? 😯

    I could get in for free, cycle there and take a packed lunch. Cost = £0.

    I doubt I’ll bother though tbh. Such shows are proper boring. The last one I went to, the bike Show in Earl’s court, I met one of the most boring people I’ve ever met in my entire life. 😐

    Premier Icon timmys

    Currently “enjoying” a period of “rest from work” so am free to pop along but not keen on forking out the asking price for tickets – anyone know of discount codes or other blags to get in on the cheap?


    Might take the kids for the climbing and boat show.


    Would also be interested in a discount code- each code I can find has expired. Ran at 2pure kindly gave me a ticket to the Earls Court one a few years back, I’m in London for most of next week anyway, the extra day & show would be good!


    The gf got me a couple of tickets so will also be going. Would love to know if there is much opportunity to buy stuff or if its more of a manufacturers showground for 2012 products

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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