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  • seifahmad

    Did my first L2B on Sunday.
    Set off at 750
    4 hours 18 minutes, mainly due to walking up most hills, not through no fitness just due to sheer numbers of walkers on hills
    was able to get up ditching beacon with no stops though which was my own highlight.

    amusing/entertaining watching the novices, but witnessed a few crashes due to people just stopping in the middle of the road.

    will do again but aim for earlier start next time

    hope everyone from here did it safely


    I really enjoyed it. Highlights for me were:

    – The learner driver in South London who somehow found themselves surrounded by thousands of swarming cyclists. Let’s say they weren’t very happy…

    – The two unicycists, very impressive

    – The two milfs dressed up as french maids. Yummy yum yum!

    – The lycra-clad roadie massive taking the ride far too seriously

    – The sheer number of people who’s bikes clearly hadn’t seen any maintenance or even chain lube since last year’s ride!!

    – The dude who nearly died of fright thinking my mtb tyres were a car appraching from behind

    – The warm welcome at the Finish.

    I didn’t like the never-ending queues of people at some stages causing massive holdups. Gotta admit I stopped quite a few times going up the last big hill but considering most were walking I didn’t feel I was letting myself down.

    I’ll definately be doing it again, great fun had by all 😀

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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