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  • Logitech Squeezebox and their ilk – recommendations?
  • fuzzhead

    hi all, I’m after a wifi music player to stream tunes from my NAS box at home. Reading some reviews, it seems that the Squeezebox family is almost universally recommended, but keen to hear thoughts from the hive mind.


    Premier Icon sadexpunk

    If you do a search on me, I had a lengthy thread on this a bit back.



    I have a squeezebox plugged into an AV receiver that I stream from my laptop and also for Internet radio when the laptop is off.

    I found it a bit fussy setting up Internet radio without the laptop on (never really figured out why so probably operator error) but now it’s working it’s flawless, the sound is great and you can hardly see it.


    I’m a big fan of my Squeezbox (Duet), but it’s been discontinued, which is a shame, as it plugs into my amp and the remote works by wifi (hence from anywhere in the house).

    However, it can be a bit buggy – the firmware seems like a bit of a hobbyists’ dream at times. The Philips Streamium range seems more professional in that regard, but I’ve not used them so can’t comment personally.

    If you want your music to sound decent, plus lots of options for internet radio, it’s well worth checking out Squeezeboxes.


    I have a radio and a touch, former quite buggy and annoyingly so sometimes, letter faultless so far.

    You can often get them cheap on amazon, ebay or as “blemished box” direct, so if you are not in a hurry I’d wait around.


    I have Squeezebox Duet, an extra player, and a radio, easier to work off a Laptop than a NAS.
    Once set up the remote is redundant, as you can use iPhone to control.
    The radio is by far easiest to use, as I imagine the Touch is. Sound quality on all is ace.

    Premier Icon DaveP

    I have Roberts radio which everything. cheap and good sound for its sound

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