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  • Logged out repeatedly
  • onehundredthidiot
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    Was reading a thread about ads and the inevitable pay for it posts started. I realised I hadn’t been kicked off, sorry logged out for a while. Stupid, stupid ,stupid. Been logged out everytime I use the forum today. Not as annoying as the adverts but a pita anyway.

    I’m aware that I probably am using the wrong os/device/update/browser/finger. But plain old chrome on a pixel with up to date os.

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    After clicking the “Keep me logged in” box, I can usually go 2-3 days before being logged out

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    It’s a log out, advert, login pain in the arse today.

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    Hopeless on my iPhone, fine on iPad …

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    Been on using my phone and the desktop today, and only logged on once – not unusual as we’ve been away this weekend

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    Every time I open Safari on iPhone I have to login. I’ve even tried leaving a tab open with STW, but it’s the same thing every time.

    I usually scroll through the overview and open threads in a new tab, select a few and then read. I’ve even been logged out whilst closing a tab and opening another.

    It’s probably too much to ask that the forum we partly fund through subscription would actually work on a pretty common mobile using up to date software.

    iPhone SE2, with iOS 14.6, Safari.

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    It’s been fine for me. I can’t remember the last time I logged in – a few days ago?

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    Are you in private browsing on safari? That would explain it if so.

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    It’s absolutely **** shocking 😂 and I’m generally annoyed about having to do it all the time. Don’t think mark gas!

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    Chrome on Windows 10
    Lasted Safari on latest iPad OS
    Latest Safari on iOS
    Latest Safari on MacOS Big Sur

    All logged out continuously.

    I not a complainer but it’s really pretty pathetic how this hasn’t been fixed after all these years.

    Latest “re-load on going back” thing on iOS is the icing on the cake.

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