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    Afternoon all.

    I’m looking for some recommendations for a loft hatch.

    Just ordered myself an Aldi Loft Ladder to remove the requirement to lug / store a set of step ladders upstairs each time I go into the loft.

    Current loft hatch is the board-in-the hole type that you have to lift and slide back in to the loft, while standing on the step ladder. With the new loft ladder stowed in the loft I need a new hatch solution.

    What I’m after is the type that swings down, once you have pushed it up to release the catch.

    Any suggestions?

    Ta in advance.


    Bit of ply, 2 hinges and a catch (at least that’s what we’ve got.


    Those £25/30 ones from Toolstation/Screwfix are easy enough to fit and look ok.
    just fitted two, they are insulated and multi catches to ensure a good seal.


    I think all the DIY chains do a kit: a couple of hinges, latch and a pokey-stick.
    Have a look at the website of the most convenient for you.

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    Don’t do it. Just spent the afternoon emptying the loft of more than 20yrs of shite. Only half done 😐

    Garage is now full of loft shite.


    I’m liking the toolstation hatch. When I win the lottery I’ll upgrade!


    Problem is all the diy hatches are no good if the hole is already there. Mine, for example, is far too big to fit one without packing half the opening and thus restricting what can be lifted in or out.

    As said a sheet of ply and a catch is your best bet, it’ll be a lot cheaper too.


    Much better to get a hatch with the ladder built in. Ours was a separate ladder and hatch but I replaced it when I enlarged the hole. So much easier to use and takes up less space. Can do the whole thing one handed, easier when carrying stuff.

    Like this


    We used to fit loft ladders and hatches, problems encountered where fibreglass irritation, loft hatch to small to get out of when ladder installed,had this a few times you can wriggle up the ladder but get trapped coming down, as your bum cant get over the back of the opening,make a new opening a bit bigger than it is now, front to back, ensure there is enough space above the hatch to allow ladder to swing up and over, and also to slide down, 3.4 mdf is is ideal for the drop loft flap and a special push up and drop latch holds it in place

    Fianlly fit a low engery led lamp in loft, never use a halogen lamp they get to hot and will set the insulation alight if it ever comes into contact with the stuff.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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