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  • Premier Icon dirtyboy

    Yup si is a solid bloke 🙂



    Thanks Si for sorting the PUSHed Float for my old Enduro. It feels ace now!


    brought some fork


    where did you bring this plural singular from?

    Premier Icon Andy

    Good to hear this as he has my RP23 in for a service at the moment on the strength of the feedback on here 😀



    This is well over due (sorry been busy and just darn forgot)

    I brought some fork off the classified area of this site and after a trip to Scotland where we were riding the 7 staines i realised all was not well with the forks. i had been sold a lemon.

    The seller would not help me so i contacted LoCo tuning after reading good reviews off this forum.

    I explained what had happened and Simon from Loco felt bad about what had happened to me and i explained what was wrong with the forks.

    He said, send them to me and i will take a look for you.

    I sent them off and hoped for the best.

    Later that week i had a phone call from simon, Ive taken your forks apart, changed all the oils, cleaned the seals, replaced a seal at the bottom, greased the spring, fixed the dodgy u-turn adjuster and there was too much oil in the damping leg which was the problem.

    I wont tell you how much he charged me because if he did this everyday he would not make a living, but it was a token gesture amount plus the return postage.

    Absolute bargain of the century and the forks feel and ride fantastic.

    Even got a free magazine in the packaging.

    I cannot recommend him enough, all my forks and shocks are going there from now on.

    What a jolly nice bloke and top workmanship too !


    Bloody nice bloke – Turn around is quick and I know he has an attention for detail 🙂

    Premier Icon teamslug

    +1 from me. Straight forward and great job at a great price…all you ask for. Hope he goes from strength to strength


    Well done Loco.

    Rob110 name and shame the seller too!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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