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  • Lockerbie bomber release.
  • ernie_lynch

    I think any "Hero's Welcome" for him is in very poor taste

    Not if they think he's innocent it isn't.

    If they said : "here's the man who killed 259, let's all cheer our hero", that would be in poor taste.

    But if they say : "here's the man who was completely innocent and never killed anyone, let's all cheer for the ordeal he's been through" how is that in 'very poor taste' ?

    btw, according to the BBC :

    Libyan authorities have maintained their silence on the release of Megrahi from a prison in Glasgow.

    Premier Icon eldridge

    If he's a devout Muslim, and he did it, then his last couple of months are going to be dominated by the knowledge that he's going to hell for all eternity

    If most Americans are as bonkers fundmentalist Christian as they appear in the media, they too know the man's going to hell for all eternity

    "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord"!


    i'm pleasantly surprised by STW.
    i would like to withdraw this statement.

    Premier Icon nickc

    If the situation was reversed and a Scottish man was released from a Libyan jail perhaps even with many in Scotland believing that he was an innocent pawn in some political game…Would such a man receive that same sort of welcome home in Scotland?


    Ah well, we'll know for sure when the various documents are all made public many years from now.

    Oh no – I forgot. David Miliband has slapped a Public Interest Immunity Certificate on them all, so they'll remain secret "for ever". I wonder why that is then?


    Here in Tripoli the local newspaper the Tripoi Post is running a front and rear page spread with photos 'celebration Al Megrahis" release but on the inside it says thousands turned up at the airport to great him, no two busses of youths shipped in from town were actually there in the white tea shirts and baseball caps, they incidently had already been shipped into town as the leaders son was to address the youth movement in town that night anyway.

    What is really winding everyone up here is that it says they are shocked at the state of his health, and i quote blamed the Scottish authorities for not taking care of Megrahis health while in prison and speculated that he was left, on purpose, to die of his cancer. End of quote. This from a country where the ones with cash get on a plane and fly to the UK, Italy and even Tunisia for definitive health care for cancer.

    Speaking to the avergae Libyan they know this guy had dirty hands, he by his position in the airport was well connected, but are also fed up of the 40 years of similar stories put out by the Government here.

    All in all a display of the normal lack of humility, understanding,denial and arrogance shown by the vast majority of Arab nations to International relations and Diplomacy. Rant over.

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