Locked in my own garage .doh. little over-tired rant .

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  • Locked in my own garage .doh. little over-tired rant .
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    Grab a beer. 😉

    Sounds a right faff but you got there in the end. Any complaints from the neighbours? 🙂


    😆 :mrgreen: 😆 im sorry for laughing


    Very descriptive, really got me visualising your predicament. 😆

    +1 beer


    The more burglar-proof the more of a PITA when this happens. Still best no to compromise on the burglar-proofing though.


    For the full on Indy effect you should’ve whipped away the brace.

    No beer sunday – thursday , its the only way as i cannot have ‘just 1 beer’
    Neighbours were out on one side , and the others have a pied a terre in that London during the week .
    New wires are £21 on the Garador website , so not too bad . Just have to bodge the latch thingys at the same time.

    Still miffed.

    Was trying to fix the brakes on Bike #1 , and trying to fix the brakes on bike #2 and failed .
    Went to close garage door with usual technique , its an over the top manual jobby. There was an almighty bang and the door jammed halfway down.

    So tried pushing it down , nope , stuck fast . Pushed it up…. Very heavy and not an easy job .
    Ok its locked fully open so presume its safe to enter .

    Both cables snapped 3-4″ above the side latches so no assistance from the big springy thing making the door tricky to move .

    Now , a few bicycles ( 5 ) and a few windsurfers (6 ) mean i would rather its stuck shut than open , so I try to close the fricken thing .
    Every 6″ on the side there are cut outs where 2 hooks engage to stop the door shutting . I figure out how to disengage them one at a time and slowly work the door down , mostly wearing the door as an ungainly hat.

    The slots stop a few feet from the floor,and the door slams shut with me in the dark and I live alone . . Pushed at the door and it goes up to the slots and stops again , except the gap is very small under the door. no way out that way.

    After several attempts at wedges under the foot of the door and blocking the slots in the runnners with bits of plastic , kite handles , screwdrivers eventualy i broke out .

    Not known for my mild mannered approach and temprement and getting more angry by the second I mashed the springs that were engaging the hooks into to slots , stopping the door from closing . Using a length of timber as a support strut i was able to recreate a ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark ‘style roll out and then bat the brace away with some studding .

    Door is now firmly closed and all broken bicycles safe from the scallies . Feckety **** **** . more cash to spend on fixing the door , and its car and house insurance this week too .

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