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  • Locked down Fox Float R AVA shock
  • hillsplease

    Out riding yesterday when the shock locked down – doesn’t seem to have lost air when measured on the shockpump but is locked down i.e. about 10mm of 40mm of shaft is showing. 10 yr old shock – thinking some internal seal has failed – off to TFT or is it a home service job?



    Premier Icon schnor

    It’s cavitated. A seal has gone so the damping oil mixes with air causing it to foam and then lock out. Not a home job unfortunately.

    £75 including full strip down, clean, new seals, etc at Loco Tuning

    Premier Icon bryan-g-

    Happened to me twice, first time was when the bike was 4 days old so I sent the shock back to get sorted. Second time it was about 3 years old so I sorted it my self. Google it for a how to guide , it does say you should never do it yourself but I lived. It did make a rather loud bang v


    As said above, can be done at home, usually an air seal leaking pressure into the negative chamber, but at 10yrs old it’ll be due a proper service.Don’t be tempted to pump it up, it’ll make it worse (bigger bang when the can’s unscrewed).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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