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  • Lockdown jobs you’d otherwise never get round to…
  • Premier Icon pedlad

    Did four tubeless tyres this evening accompanied by traditional swearing. Trying to avoid mrs p’s growing list of things she wants to “get done”. Really struggle to be enthusiastic about painting a bathroom but strangely interested in above poster’s description of renovating alloy car wheels …..she will kill me before this is done.

    Premier Icon fettlin

    Jeez, where to start:

    Big bonfire of rubbish I cut down in the winter.

    Clear the garage out and build the new shelves I bought over Christmas.

    Finish clearing up the end of the garden now the ground had dried up.

    Take down the field fencing that blew down in the storms over winter.

    Finish rebuilding a mower that I’ve stripped, it was more broke than I thought!

    Fix the septic tank soak away.

    Sort the storm water drains (may be linked to above).

    All of that and I need to finish some assignments for college, then I can get on with laying a new patio!

    Most things don’t need any investment, all of the shops I need to buy stuff from will be closed. I’m expecting to be furloughed for a while….

    Premier Icon andy4d

    I have had a fence panel that blew down in the storms about 3 years ago. The panel never blew over, just the 2 posts snapped, but a huge bamboo bush has kept it upright since. I knew it would be a pig of a job so kept putting it off. Any way, over 2 days I removed old panel, Dug out the bamboo (it was like digging out concrete), dug out the remnants of the old posts and concrete they were set in then put up the new posts and panel. One of the old posts was so rotten the bamboo roots had grown into it!

    Next is clearing the old mortar out between the patio slabs and redoing it with fresh stuff then giving the veg patch a going over.

    At this rate i will have a great garden this year as it went to the dogs a bit the last few years as I spent more time riding the gardening. Not this year I reckon.

    Premier Icon garage-dweller

    If I can get a few bits of timber and the odd bag of ballast and a cubic yard of soil delivered then I’ll be doing some woodwork and a raised bed, tidying the shed, building some low level bike obstacles for the boys and some decorating.

    If I can’t then some things won’t get finished.

    Felt arrived today to re roof the shed which has been a mild concern since last autumns storms left the felt a bit iffy and torn.

    Will be decorating the spare room as it’s now where I’m working mostly and the bathroom needs some paint too. So that’ll be another productive day or two.

    One thing that’s keeping me going is that when we are released the DiY should be mostly done and we can concentrate on having fun for a bit.

    Premier Icon imnotverygood

    Clean my keyboard

    *tries to work out where phil5556 lives* 😂

    @nobeerinthefridge – 2 minutes with google maps, want a clue? I must admit it looked familiar and you just confirmed it.

    I have numerous bikes in various states of disrepair. Think the BB on the Trailstar is on its way out and 2 old steel frames to correctly ID and restore. Unfortunately I can’t move for stuff that has to be sold or given away and I can’t even do that!

    Premier Icon phil5556

    Squirrelking – don’t put it up here obviously, but if you message me I’ll let you know how close you are.

    (And then edit photos a bit 😳)



    Tidied “that” drawer in the kitchen.

    Premier Icon stevied

    Turned this:
    Into this:

    Premier Icon mattbee

    Highlight of my day yesterday was taking the tarnished brass numerals off my front door and polishing them to a shine. Knob and letterbox shroud still to do!

    Premier Icon stevied

    Make sure you add a photo of your polished knob 😆


    Johndrummer, all the scales are the same finger positions, you just move them up. G-major is E-minor, move the lot up a fret and you have G#-major and F-minor. I suggest starting with C-major/A-minor (index on fifth fret in first position pentatonic) as it’s less of a stretch. Oasis’ Don’t look back in Anger is in C-major and a delightful solo to play that uses all the penatonic positions with nice sliding links. One you’ve learned the pattern you just start at the appropriate fret and everything follows automaticaly from there without worrying what key you are in.

    When you’re learning the pentatonic positions, there’s no point learning all the positions in isolation as you’ll find you only use parts of each of them and it’s far more important to be able to move fluidly between the useful bits of each position using slides or bringing up the index finger.

    Don’t worry about which fingers you use, it’s often easier to use the ring finger than the little finger on the low strings as you can keep your hand wrapped around the neck whereas you have to move your thumb to the back off the neck to use the pinky. Some moves high up the neck it’s easier to use the major than the ring finger if the ring finger is busy doing what the pinky normally does.

    Edit: if you try to play along with Don’t look Back in Anger the original is speeded up so tune the guitar 30 cents high.

    Premier Icon mattbee

    I’m going to have to buff it out the front of my house , wasn’t able to tug it off yesterday…

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    I started with patching a couple of inner tubes which turned into a long overdue service of Mrs BigJohn’s pub bike. No pubs but she went to the allotment on it and said it was riding lovely.
    Then cleared out the workshop after my last (for a while) wardrobe job, in preparation for finishing a TV/hi-fi unit. Sorted it all into wood, metal, cardboard, batteries, lightbulbs, general ready to put it into the van in the right order for unloading at the tip. Then found the tip is shut for the duration.
    Never mind, there’s a lane up at Cannock Chase where the more responsible fly tippers segregate the junk into separate piles. I’ll take it up there later.

    Emptied the shed out then put it all back. Inexplicably found loads more room to put stuff.

    Also tidied the loft and emptied half of it into the bus (surrogate shed), sanded some apple boxes to use as planters and identified a good few jobs to get done. I’m actually enjoying this.

    Premier Icon falkirk-mark

    refelting the hut roof as it had a leak over the winter

    Going to fix the electric window on the Saab today as it doesn’t go up and down.


    Bled the brakes on both bikes, new pads on the hardtail. Took the full sus to bits and checked and greased bearings. New chain and casette on the wifes bike.

    I might even clean my car if this keeps going for another few weeks!


    Jetwashed most of Scotland from the feel of my body today.


    Putolined my first chain yesterday! Don’t have a camping stove, so did it on the barbecue. Also discovered that apparently 105 11-speed chains don’t have a quick link…

    I also have a sourdough starter on the go, and am considering how to make blackberry jam.

    On the other hand, my actual work isn’t getting done

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Rebuilt and repainted a sticky brake caliper on my car, went all in and cleaned and refurbed everything to the max rather than slamming in new parts and spraying over rust and calling it good. And finally fitted the stainless brake hoses I bought about a year ago.

    Well, 2 of the stainless hoses, let’s not get too carried away. Guess I’ll keep going though. Probably will put new seals in the other rear on general principles, and I’ve got a set of Lexus monoblocks to go on the front that are just getting tidied up, which are comically massive

    Not for the first time, so so glad that my 16 year old car spent 13 of those in Japan- doing this same job on the old mondeo rust monster was a nightmare. But everything’s easier when you don’t have to have it going again for 8.30 the next day

    Yes, I fixed the electric window on the Saab. Well, mostly fixed it. It goes up and down again now, but still moves back/forward slightly. However I can’t figure out if there is something else in the mechanism I’m missing. Will need to look at some exploded diagrams.

    Tried to fix a beer tap that moves back and forward but no beer comes out. Spent a couple of hours on it – stripped it all down and replaced any damaged gaskets and cleared out a little vent I didn’t know about with a oral hygiene brush. Even followed a maintenance video about it, but it still doesn’t work. I guess I’ll need to de-pressurise my tap system and remove one of the working ones to strip down and compare.

    Today I am going to prep the stairwell in my building for painting it. So wash down the walls and sand down some rough plaster/filling a neighbour has done. I wonder if I can find my dustmask for sanding! Could be worth lots of money!

    Premier Icon BigJohn

    Has anyone been brave enough to tackle sorting out that big tub of nuts& bolts and screws yet?
    You know that time when you thought “that’ll come in useful…”

    Premier Icon oldtennisshoes

    Unpacked and setup the compressor I bought in October 2017.
    Spent the rest of the afternoon randomly blowing air into things.
    Valve core remover tool and replacement cores on order and then I’m going to tackle to poorly tubeless wheels on my Enduro.

    Premier Icon dirkpitt74

    I put the curtain pole an curtains up in our bedroom yesterday – we’ve only been in the house 2.5 years……..

    Had a couple of days sorting the garage and moving stuff into the loft.

    Could do with the tip being open though.

    Gaggia classic cleaned and serviced, god it was minging!. Now onto replacing firerope on woodburner door.

    How very STW.

    Premier Icon BoardinBob

    Gaggia classic cleaned and serviced, god it was minging!. Now onto replacing firerope on woodburner door.

    How very STW.

    You really are secretly choking for a gravel bike 😆

    Lol! Steady on sir!

    Tbh, woodburners are seen as the devils work on here now, and the coffee overlords would sneer at my 10 year old machine!.


    Finished putting Upvc cladding on the front of the house below the windows. Took all the scaffold down front and back, never been so careful. Definitely didn’t want a trip to A&E.
    Off to fix puncture I got on the trainer yesterday, baffles me how that happened.

    Premier Icon joat

    Re-felted the shed before winter sets in, not this coming winter or the one just gone, probably three winter’s past.

    Bemaker – Wheels refurb crap vidoe as someone asked me to make it after I had refurbed the wheels but describves the step : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTs69Nekn-4

    Carved a seahorse : https://singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/are-you-bored-enough-to-watch-me-carve-a-sea-horse-from-a-railway-sleeper/

    Built a website to see my car : https://nclarksouthampton.wixsite.com/kleemannslk

    Liked the website builder so made an Artr one too : https://nclarksouthampton.wixsite.com/nicksartstuff

    Got asked by friends what they could do when bored so built a website : https://nclarksouthampton.wixsite.com/mysite

    Which in turn meant I made art stones, made a jewellery / watch stand and watched my wife kniot something and also painted a picture.

    Is it nearly over yet?

    Went from this:

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    Lockdown chores

    A post shared by Craig Turner (@iamthebeerjesus) on

    to this:

    Not really sure how to tackle the stairs/floor though. Any ideas?

    You’ve turned a door into stairs? 😊

    Skirtings all cleaned, both shower trays resealed, shed to tidy, loving it.

    Premier Icon oldtennisshoes

    Got the compressor up and running, cured all the connection leaks by using a shipping load of PTFE tape.
    Setup the lawnmower.
    Going to put the summer wheels back on the car.
    And there’s a mac mini hiding in a cupboard that I’m going to setup as a garage band machine for the kids – might go all the way and install a SSD and max out the ram.

    Premier Icon joshvegas

    I’m finishing stripping a door.

    I started stripping it 5 years ago when I moved in

    Premier Icon Alex

    We made a list. It’s terrifying. Includes ‘re-oiling all the wooden floors’ and ‘Find garden under head high weeds’. There’s also ‘fill in pond’ and ‘paint outside of house’.

    It was all a bit overwhelming to be honest. I’ve started a bit smaller and gone with ‘have a beer and consider priority tasks’ The first on the list is ‘Order extra beer’.

    I’m learning to travel in my mind.

    Premier Icon Gunz

    Thank heavens I bought a few bags of sharp sand and cement on the off chance a couple of weeks ago. Pointing and re-painting all now done on the outbuilding.

    Greenhouses cleared out and prepped (some seeds scooped out of tomatoes and chillies in the fridge and planted so they may pop up). Used spare earth to level garden.

    Surly Crosscheck stripped and re-built from flat bar to drop bar with slow but fun Knards.

    Couldn’t get wood for an outside loo floor I’m re-furbing so dismantled some raised beds and spent an age planing and sanding them back before fitting to floor and Danish oiling (came up OK if I say so myself).

    Ground the paint off an old metal hand railing and re-painted before spending the week washing wet paint off the kids’ hands.

    Started body weight training programme, nicely challenging and progressive (http://www.startbodyweight.com/).

    Away at work now but apparently my ‘little old bloke in a ‘four candles’ DIY supply shop’ is open at home so the whole house will probably be getting sealant squashed into every crevice next week (I think my wife lives in terror of a husband without DIY to do).

    Premier Icon twistedpencil

    We had an extension done a couple of years ago, before the builders started I took the old decking up and for some reason stacked it at the bottom of the garden as I knew I’d find a use for it.

    Two weeks ago I built a large compost bin after the council stopped the green bin collection. Last weekend I built a fence to stop the dog escaping down the brook. Today I’ve sorted out the bike bin and put in some shelves.  Still have a load left so I’m going to build a toy bin for the kids to put their footballs, skipping ropes etc. I suspect that I’ll be putting their toys in it and they’ll take them out, but the idea is sound in principal.

    The decking has done me proud, I am however running out of screws…

    I also built a set of stairs at the bottom of the garden using old paving slabs.

    Really glad I hoard junk 🙂

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