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  • druidh

    Where exactly will you be?


    Which side of the loch? I believe there are waymarked trails around tarbet / arrocher. There is a route alongside Loch ard / Loch Venacher but if I remember correctly the return is along the road. Again there is stuff I think in the forest above aberfoyle. Another route goes thru the mentieth hills between aberfoyule and callender and there is a nice cycleway (sustrans) running from callander north

    This might give you some clues to google for if no one comes up with better routes. Only vague ideas I am afraid



    Due to the current economic climate, and the fact that I can’t fit my dog into a suitcase, Mrs Petesgaff and I have decided to holiday in Scotland this year, near to Loch Lomond. Is there owt in the way of riding in the area. Doesn’t have to be too grand or exciting, but nice views and a pub or two would be pleasant. Despite her scepticism, I’ve assured her that my gallant STWers won’t fail us. So for christ’s sake don’t, or I’ll never hear the end of it (all that time spent on that bloody forum, blah, blah…)

    Premier Icon geoffj

    [edinburgh snob mode]Head as north as possible, Loch Lomond can feel a bit overrun with the more working-class type of Weegie in the summer at weekend. Think of Rhyll/Perstatyn full of Scousers and you’ll get the idea[/edinburgh snob mode]
    IMHO of course 😉


    Take a look at arrochar if you’re on the west side. Plenty of Forrest roads and there’s also the ardgarten loop which is really good ride. Eastside Aberfoyle QE and Lochard Forrest parks have loads of trails also. There’s also the west highland way from Drymen. It’s a beautiful area you should also think about a cruise or boat hire.


    Ta muchly folks!


    Second Ardgarten loop-lot of it fire-road but some singletrack + fantastic views…fair bit of climbing mind! Arrochar up past Succoth and back down Glen Loin is a good ride too,plenty more-depends where you’re staying,it’s a big loch.

    Premier Icon Sanny

    Conic Hill
    Ben Lomond (push up, ride down – smile!)
    West Highland Way by the shore – marvellous
    Menteith Hills, Aberfoyle

    Back roads round Kippen, Drymen, Killearn – lovely road riding
    Nice easy fire road and dirt track stuff around Dumgoyne
    The Campsie Fells

    Mail me if you want route details. Everything from easy to challenging downhills. There is loads in the area to keep you amused.



    Premier Icon doug_basqueMTB.com

    Conic Hill as a night ride. Good times!

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