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  • Pics here!

    I’ve got two lists of stuff here.. Decent bits in the first list, and “postage plus a pint” bits on the second list. The average pint in the UK is apparently £3.18.. Let me know what you want and I’ll work out postage for combined stuff.

    Sensible offers considered 🙂

    £35 posted Shimano shoes M182 size 42 – pretty good condition – couple of scrapes to the buckles and one slightly scrappy heel
    £25 posted Thomson Elite 30.9 322mm (chopped down) VGC apart from small mark on side (shown in photos)
    provisionally sold Thomson Elite 27.2 setback 330mm. Damaged by seatclamp 80mm from base, so 250mm usable.
    £20 posted SLX M665 levers – perfect working order with a few scuffs
    £10 posted Controltech 24mm BSA bb – says “road” on the side but came with my MTB cranks with spacers – go figure – only 150 miles old
    £12 posted Shimano SM-SH11 SPD SL cleats. Brand new in box, just the box says SH-12 🙂
    £15 posted On-one Mary bar and Powerplay Race Pro 100mm stem – couple of scuffs but VGC
    £17 posted Charge spoon saddle – red with black bits and cro-mo rails aftermarket – used for 2 rides
    £15 Posted Charge spoon saddle – black with red bits OEM – heavier than the red one – used once on my GF’s bike
    £20 posted LX M565E cantilever brakes – brand new – front and rear sets – awesome canti brakes!
    £8 posted XT M740 8 speed shifter
    £10 posted Rockshox poplock control- the one with the compression control wheel. Almost new
    add £6 postage to anything else XT M760 175 cranks. Tatty with loads of heel rub
    £9 posted Cyclo 22mm cone spanner – new – bought 2 when I only needed one
    £11 posted BLB branded 20t freewheel (DNP manufactured) 3/32 BNIB
    £80 posted ono Pair of singlespeed wheels Mavic 717 on On-One rear and Hope XC front. DT and Sapim
    double butted spokes. Bearings smooth. Hope and Shimano skewers. DT tubeless rim
    tapes fitted (will refit rear before sending, as it’s gone a bit squiffy) and ghetto valves from
    Schwalbe tubes. Rear as a few dings, but both are perfectly tight and true
    £25 posted Tiagra 4600 brakes BNIB. 49mm drop. Front and rear
    £24 posted SRAM 990 11-32 cassette. Used with one chain to less than 0.75 wear. Only stopped using it as swapped to an old school XTR med cage which wouldn’t clear the 34t
    Make me an offer TomTom one classic. With cable, but no idea where the mount is.
    £15 posted Maxxis Crossmark 26×2.1 LUST. Maybe 15% wear, no patches. Free tatty, patched, one with every purchase!
    £12 posted Maxxis Medusa 26×2.1 LUST 15-20% wear, no patches
    £15 posted Mud X (XR Mud) TLR 26×2.0 VGC <5% wear

    Postage and a pint bits:

    Panaracer Trailraker 1.95
    LX M570 v brakes
    LX M660 v brakes
    LX M660 v brakes
    Alfine/Nexus/SA 3/32″ sprockets 16,17,19,20 (16 and 20 new)
    P&P each, or two pints the lot!
    Ultegra LH bar end friction shifter and SA RH mount
    1 1/8″ steerer bung
    Welgo SPD compatible cleats
    Mech hanger type 7 – Old Giant Trance etc
    2 thingers for stiffening the mount on E-type front mechs – for 34.9
    Unbranded front QR – really light
    Really really old school 3ttt bar tape. Tricolore and blue/white
    Hope mono mini 160mm rotor
    Giant 34.9 seat clamp
    Shimano hose 1275mm
    IS to post brake mount 180F/160R
    Chain catcher thingy 28.6mm
    Kona seat clamp – 32.0 – new
    IS to post brake mount 160F/140R
    XT 11t and XTR 12t 9 speed sprockets – barely used
    Sturmey Archer cable pulley – handy for CX front mechs
    Charge drop bars 425mm outside to outside
    Slightly wobbly singlespeed tensioner with a posh XT jockey wheel
    cheapy alloy pedals new, with rubbish bearings
    Crud Catcher short bracket (not in pic)

    toby mc

    I’ll take the Alfine sprockets please!
    Mail in profile for grand total and ill sort out payment…..


    Slightly wobbly singlespeed tensioner with a posh XT jockey wheel – please

    Email in profile.


    tops 5

    V brakes and Poploc please – email also in profile 🙂

    Sorry, the wobbly tensioner went in a facebook thread, as did the LH bar end shifter and SA RH mount, and 28.6 chain catcher

    Premier Icon stevied

    Pics of the LX v brakes please.
    steve_dees at hotmail.com


    Hi there, i’ll take the XT cranks please – let me know where to send postage to – cheers!

    Stevied.. Whic pair? The older ones or newer? Please email me (in profile)

    mcj78 – I’m chucking those in with any other purchase for the added postage. what else would you like?


    Black Charge Spoon please. What’s the payment details?

    Cheers Wilko paypal gift to address in profile, if you want full paypal and signed for it’s an extra £1.50


    Whats the part number of the shimano hose? From new or old style?


    Ahh right – forgive my inability to read properly, it’s a Monday after all… I do need a Thomson 30.9 inline post though – i’ll have that if it’s still going, ta!

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    what’s the clamp size on the Charge drop bars?

    Could be interested in these and some bar tape, and the shimano hose if not wanted.

    mcj78 – No worries! They’re both yours. As above, it’s an extra £1.50 for signed for 1st class and full paypal, otherwise gift and 2nd class. Paypal address is in profile.

    theotherjonv – 31.8. Will have to work out the postage as they’re big.. I’m off out now, so get back to you at 10ish this eve?

    Any other enquiries.. Drop me an email as well as here, but I can’t guarantee to get back to you before tonight.


    Email on it’s way!


    “Ultegra LH bar end friction shifter and SA RH mount”
    are those cyclo-x dropbar end shifters? if so I’ll take them. please email me your paypal address (email address in my profile)

    Sorry scant, already gone.

    Sorry scant, already gone.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    No good for me then, need a 1″ clamp for an older quill stem


    The Mary bars’ll fit 😉

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