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  • Premier Icon Blackhound

    Was at Llandegla on Saturday and was very noticeable how much litter was lying around on the bike trails, presumably bikers finding it to much trouble to carry out wrappers and bottles. Very disappointed. Its not hard is it.

    Not noticed this at any other trail centre including Penmachno the following day.

    Premier Icon Nick

    I’ve not noticed it at Llandegla but I’ve noticed it at Mountain Mayhem


    Its those militant english ramblers, walking round in the dark.


    I also saw a load of rubbish at Llandegla saturday there was an inner tube hanging on a gate post and plastic bottles everywhere.

    FFS how much does an empty plastic bottle or a dead inner tube weigh you carried it in so carry it out.

    I was very disapointed with the whole experience saturday. Too busy, too many knobheads who thought they owned the trail, too much litter. I think its a victim of its own success which is a shame because its my nearest trail and used to be our bad weather ride.


    I left some of my knee and arm there on Sunday.


    @sc_xc Shame on you. You carried them in! 😀

    I was at Llandegla on Sat, and Penmachno Sun. I can only remember seeing one chocolate or biscuit wrapper, and the inner tube hanging on the fence.

    I was there on Friday. The thing that got me was it seemed to be in concentrated areas. As though groups of riders tood around eating & drinking then dumping their rubbish. I cant believe you can get that many pricks in one group.

    Loved the riding and i usually pick up trail litter when i can but not that much!!


    Something that pissed me off on Sunday in the Pentlands is the signpost near Harlaw reservoir where dog owners have thoughtfully left their plastic bags of poo. What a brilliant idea, leaving faeces rotting in a bag for anyone to find.

    Never really noticed excessive litter at trail centres, although there’s the occasional empty gel or bottle at Glentress.


    i agree, its my local trail and i am always surprised how many empty plastic bottles there are on the trail. I can understand the odd one but most of these seem like lucozade sport bottles dumped. I mentioned it to the guys in the shop last summer and I think they then had a clean up… but of course they shouldnt need to.


    It’s the same story at all the trail centres, it’s left to the trail builders to clear up (when they would rather be doing other stuff). They are the same people who would happily drop litter on the pavement, they don’t give a sh!t. Maybe it’s their upbringing, peer pressure, but if I could catch one of them doing it I would happily shove it in their mouths (assuming they were smaller than me and didn’t have tattoos etc. 😀 )


    At least one of the Swinley singletrack runs is absolutely filthy as well, as is my daily ride.

    The Swinley rubbish is mountain bikers for sure as no-one else would be there, the second is just the way Britain is.

    Both scenarios are shite.


    if you find some litter, and don’t like it, pick it up. There’s a bin at the cafe, you can drop it off there. Yes, the world is full of bell ends, and always will be. If you want to make it a better place then do so.


    It’s my local trail centre, I only live seven miles away but I stopped going there on weekends a long time ago due to the amount of nobheads riding and walking there.
    It has certainly been a victim of it’s own success and is often full of chavs from Wrexham who like to ride the wrong way round and chuck litter everywhere which is a shame.I can’t wait for the light evenings so I can go after work and have the place virtually to myself.

    Premier Icon cuckoo

    If everyone who visited the countryside removed 1 more piece of litter than they dropped there wouldn’t be any litter in the countryside!

    In my opinion it would take a massive cultural change to stop British people dropping litter. Britain is one of the worst countries in Europe for litter.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Someone should contact the Daily Mail about this.


    Anyway, it’s not cyclist dropping this rubbish it’s benefit scrounging asulym seekers.


    Its just plain lazyness, someone has obviously carried the rubbish in so carry it back out simple – maybe we need an army of trail police armed with standard issue bombers patroling our trails :-). It does get busy at llandegla and i prefer it before it was a trail centre and just a cheeky forest i had a good loop around but it does get people out on bikes which has got to be a good thing.


    Its the parents fault, genuinely, seriously – if they had been brought up respecting the country they’d no drop litter – simple as that. Its nothing to do with peer pressure, no-one would skit you for simply packing your bottle back into your bag when you finished drinking it or sticking your ripped tube back in there when you finish with your tools. Its just pure laziness and disregard for the nature.

    llandegla is a victim of its own success – its far too clogged with people, takes far too long to get served in the shop and you spend half your time on the trail moving around others who are either faster or slower (obviously!) rather than concentrating on the trail. Gone off it. As I’ve mentioned before, the same happened with my local beach and kitesurfing – its now a over-run mess of people fighting for space. Shame.

    Premier Icon bruk

    I would agree re it being the parents fault. 1 example recently we were shopping in Chester, and in the car park saw a kid sat on the bonnet of his dad’s car throw his crisp packet and coke can onto the ground then get back in and sit beside his dad who was staring gormlessly out the windscreen.

    My wife picked them both up and handed them to the dad who muttered something about them not being his so she walked round the other side and gave to the little brat instead.

    Only answer is to have 1 of those automated paintgun cannons everywhere remotely monitored and spray the b***ards that do it! Clearly the paint markings on them would mean refusal of service at the cafe!


    Haven’t you heard? Trail centres now come with free inner tubes. To claim yours, simply pick it up and carry it home with you.


    LLandegla = Biking for chavs

    #takes cover behind huge berm#


    Oh my,

    TOTAL AGREEMENT – chavs from wrexham have ruined it !!!its a magnet for them…

    I became fed up with llandegla last year – was again a wet ride / quick blast after work kinda place -I would NEVER ride there at weekends – i too got fed up of the litter and attitude of some people there.

    Whilst working in a local bikeshop I got fed up of people bragging about riding llandegla as if it was something amazing… I would casually mention riding the clwyds / berwyns or say delamere forest as a local alternative and I would be met with blank looks…

    Its a reasonable trail but too popular now at weekends – why go there really when you could go peak / lakes / mid wales – i met some people in the bikeshop who drove there from stockport – hello peak district???

    I agree littering is a respect / parental issue – it totally annoys me seeing crap on the trails – esp when a race has been run on it – ie like one of the off road triathlons down at afan = crap and tons of gels / tubes to pick up the day after when i was there!

    anyways some people suck and some of them ride bikes…



    Still enjoy the ride though to be honest, other users aside. Its a nice alternative to other trails and is an easy weekend jaunt when peak district runs are a bit further, a bit longer and take a bit more thought etc!


    i can only second what cuckoo said.

    One day last year i got so annoyed with seeing litter (most of which was clearly from kids on walks or doing D of E) that i spent most of my riding colllecting it up, when i got back to the car and continued to fill another bag with stuff from around the car park people looked at me as if i was on community service, one lady even commented “it’s a shame more people didn’t do that…..” as she just sat there…..

    Having said that it’s really not to bad round my trails and i except alot of the trail litter is from being pulled accidendly from pockets, etc.

    And i’m the biggest culprit of being messy, just last week i cleaned out my car…two bin bags later and i could see the carpets, lol.

    I quite enjoy the mission when I’m out rides of seeing how much litter I can collect and stuff in pockets and in the camelbak. It’s immensely satisfying and I like setting the example.


    Premier Icon jwr

    We don’t seem to have such a litter problem up here in the NE corner of Scotland. I always notice a difference when I ride in the more popular areas in England and Wales (or Southern Scotland).

    I make sure I take a carrier bag with me when I’m riding. That way, if I see any litter I can pick it up and take it home.



    am there doing a night ride tonight and will pick up litter as we go and report back on how much there was!

    Premier Icon smartay

    The litter aspect of trail centers depends on how you arrived at riding mountain bikes.
    If you started by enjoying the outdoors and came from a mountaineering background then you dont drop litter as you care for the environment in which you ride.
    However, if you started your intrest after watching the “extreme” channel or came with your “mates” from some other team sport these tend to be the types who drop the litter.
    As I’ve commented before on here why do some people ride round in groups which MUST stay together blocking the trail, these are probably the same people who post comments about dogs at trail centers as “it ruins their line”
    Stop knocking Llandegla great place to ride just some of the people it attracts


    leaving my bike unlocked with that many scouse accents in the air made me nervous 😉

    I HATE that people sling tubes.
    theyre normally repairable anyway, it doesnt take much to put it in your bag, or even just loop it over your back.

    if ive stopped and can reach someone elses litter, ill stick on the outside of my bag till the next bin.

    i often think i should expand this to, picking up anything i see on fire road. but that involves stopping.

    i may well start :s

    how about litter picking games as part of rides?
    the person with the least litter in the webbing on thier bags (dont want to put other peoples skank it in your bag) buys the first round!


    “Stop knocking Llandegla great place to ride just some of the people it attracts”

    Sorry 😥

    Premier Icon smartay

    Yeah Sofaking or I’ll push you off that boardwalk 😆

    As regards to Dogs at trail centers, if your watching Llandegla “management team” more dog tie up loops on tables, my dogs loves everyone elses food!!!

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