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  • Premier Icon BillOddie

    I’m looking to change jobs, move to somewehere with a little more space, and my skills/knowledge are in demand in Aberdeen. Scotland appeals but has anyone lived in this area to a first hand opinion?

    Whats the general quality of life like for families?

    I suspect the riding is good what with all the space and mountains with access to the Highlands.

    Any opinions, info gratefully received.


    Premier Icon jwr

    I’ve lived in Aberdeenshire for 6 years now. I live in the countryside to the north as cities aren’t really my thing. If you enjoy the outdoor life it’s a great place to live. There’s some spectacular coastlines and easy access to the mountains. Even just travelling for 20-30 minutes from the city will put you in some good places for cycling and walking.

    House prices in the city have been pretty steep, but they appear to be plateauing now, the rental prices can also be a bit on the expensive side. If you live outside the city, the prices come down quite a bit. If possible try to be on the correct side of the city for your commute as crossing the two main bridges can be a real nightmare in the mornings.


    Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Hi Bill,

    I’ve been in Aberdeen for 8 years or so now, 4-5 at uni then 2 year break then 3-4 more since getting a job in the good old oil industy. It was a great city as a student as everything in the city centre is in walking distance and lots of pubs but i am enjoying it more now as i have a car and can get out and about more. Biking is good, no major trail centres near by but lots of Foresty commisson sites with good riding. Below is a link to a local riding club

    If you want to know more about the city drop me am email and i will try and help out where i can.


    I’ve been here 3 years. Moved from Surbiton (SW London / Surrey) for the similar reasons as yourself: child #2 on the way, wanted to escape the M25 noose round my neck.

    Best thing I ever did!

    Mountain biking is immense. You’ve got everything from trail centres, downhill or all-day wilderness riding. I wasn’t really into MTB untill I got here, but your hobbies tend to reflect what is the most convenient/popular in the area.

    Personally, I chose to live in Banchory. I echo what jwr said above about choosing based on your commute. I work in Westhill, so 20 minutes of no traffic is a breeze.

    For families, it couldn’t be better. It was a big move for my other half, but within days she’d met other mothers and our social life began! The guys I ride with are the other dads.

    (Sadly) moving to Houston this year. For adventure and career. But will always call Aberdeenshire home!


    my dad has lived in Aberdeen for over 25years as he is in the oil game.. if you are in the oil game it is a great base

    he lived in Westhill (top of the hill) for a while (still has the house and rents it), but now lives inland from Portlethen south of the city..

    My sister when to Uni there and also worked as a lifeguard on the beach (brave!)

    Aberdeen has all you need in a city… pubs, clubs, shops etc etc

    traffic can be an issue (where is it not) especially if your route needs to go over Bridge of Dee or Don in rush hour

    though i never moved there as it is bloody far from anywhere, dark and often wet, windy and cold 😉

    it also has access to awesome beaches that go on for miles north.. and loads of proper open space westwards

    well worth a move if you fancy a change – a guy here who works in GIS went last year to work for Total, seems to think he made a good choice

    alpine girl

    I grew up in Aberdeen and really liked it when I was there – we lived close to the centre so I could walk/bike to school and get about myself from quite an early age. For sports there are lots of opportunites(both indoor and outdoor) easily accessible. Friends I know there now tend to live just out of the centre (e.g. Stonehaven) which is nice but has the downside of having to drive everywhere. The villages are all quite different so give yourself time to have a proper look around before you think about buying somewhere.

    If you go for a visit make sure you visit Dunnottar castle!

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Trails are shite, nothing to see or do here. Stay away so I can have them to ma sel.

    Oh and the Doric lingo will baffle you.

    Premier Icon Woody

    Aberdeen is ok but to fit in you need a large 4×4 with personal plate and a small wife who can barely see over the steering wheel but can drive it consistantly in the middle of the road…….. 😉


    Oh and the Doric lingo will baffle you

    Doric lingo? Or just drunk?

    Anyway – a great place if you like outdoors stuff. Housing is a bit grim unless you have a big fat pile of cash, and on the first sunny day you’ll get your retinas burned out from the glare reflected off acres of white flab.

    SWEET! I grew up in Inverurie with local trails everywhere – I still love it! Unfotunately I now live in Glasgow but take the bike back up north when I see my family (only a 3 hour drive)

    Check out Pitfichie/Kirkhill Forest for local trail centre(ish) type riding, or if you prefer just go and ride up any of the local hills. Parts of Bennachie were a favourite if you stay away from the Baileys!

    Phrases you will need to know are –

    “Aye-Aye” – Hi there
    “Aye-Aye” – I agree
    “Aye-Aye” – you’re talking a lot of pis*
    “Aye-Aye” (inhaling in while speaking) – Is that a fact

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