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  • Liv Invite / Giant headset
  • matt_outandabout
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    Mrs_oab’s lower headset bearing is toast.

    2015 Liv Invite, with top spacer branded FSA.

    Due to the corrosion all we can make out is ACB, 45* and 970. Not all in same run of code/information.

    I’m thinking this is correct – any other knowledge before I order?

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    Just check the measurements?
    You have measured it haven’t you?

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    I don’t have the tools to do so…

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    Get the frame number off it and speak to a local Giant dealer.
    They will be able to identify the correct part and order it for you.

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    If its a FSA orbit I’s be very tempted to just rip it out and put something (anything**) else in.
    AS far as I know they are all 37/45…

    I do two options on headsets… cheap as chips 45/45 (Nukeproof/Brand X) or Hope if you don’t mind the initial investment.
    I pull the forks off for lowers services anyway so a bearing set only needs to last 50hrs riding.. and be cheap to replace … or you can get Hope (or better) and just wipe and add new grease for a decade or longer…

    The last FSA headsets I replaced got replaced with either Brand X or Nukeproof Neutron and the whole headsets cost less than the bearings.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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