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  • Little dry bag type thingy for tools/tubes etc.?
  • jock-muttley

    Put the tools in a pukka tool kit bag and/or wrap with a rag…


    Alpkit do nice and simple dry bags.

    Allen keys should be OK, tiny ones might poke through if you’re unlucky.

    Karrimor from Sports Direct.

    I got a usefull bag with my CO2 inflator that’s now used for keeping tools together. Think Rapha do one for 10x the price (and not including the CO2 inflator!), plenty of roadie brands do them marketed as ‘pocket tidy’ or similar to stop stuff rattling arround in a jersey.

    Better though is a removable saddle bag. No need to rummage through a pannier of clothes with muddy hands to find the tool bag then!

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    It’s what the Thomson seat post bag is for…


    tools inside cheap bumbag, that inside placcy bag, renew placcy bag occasionally

    *sort of OT, also put in some latex/thin disposable gloves, really handy for keeping hands clean etc

    What about one of these?:

    Some cracking prices on the bigger bags too.


    I have Lomo wetsuit boots for canoeing; really well made and good value compared to other makes so would have thought their drybags will be fine.

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    Alpkit +1, I had mine strapped to my bars through winter and nothing inside got wet at all. Great bags, lots of sizes too.


    Got the lezyne caddy sack one here. I like it.


    Going to try out this pannier malarky for the commute to work. I’ll have the usual tube, minitool and levers to carry in the pannier too and rather not get them rolling around in the bag and damaging/getting me clothes dirty. They’ll be in there through thick and thin so a little bit of water protection from rust etc. wouldn’t got amiss either.

    Any good suggestions for a little dry-bag for them to live? Would the bag survive with some potentially pointy things in it like allen keys?


    I use a little roll-top waterproof bag for what you describe, lots of makes around but as a previous poster said the Karrimor ones from Sports Direct are dead cheap. They are incredibly tough & I don’t think you will have any problem with it. BEWARE–buying these bags is very addictive-you seem to find all sorts of handy uses for them!
    I also use an Exped Cloudburst 15 roll-top rucksack when commuting on the road bike-light & waterproof but not particularly breathable on the back


    Sandwich bag FTW. Not quite rattling around in a pannier but I’ve been using the same one to carry phone/wallet/keys in a jersey pocket for about 8 months now. (binners take note!)


    IKEA do some nice sandwich zip loc bags . Good for iPhones on a motorbike, keeping things dry on an MTB. Re-usable and surprisingly tough


    The large Asda have a pack of small median and large for £5. Thin, roll-top. Not at home so I can’t check but I think they are around 5ltr 8ltr and 11-13ltr.

    These are the same as the Karrimore ones but three for around the price of one

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