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  • Lisbon – city break – worth a punt?
  • MikeT-23

    Taken a notion for a city break this spring, with a couple of pals drunkenly agreeing it’s a good idea.

    Any of you good people spent any time there, or able to advise on particular times to go?
    What’s worth seeing and doing?

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    spent a day there and a day in oporto in 2006 going to see celtic play benfica, albeit the cetic support was there so i didn’t get to see lisbon properly, and lets face it was a fitba trip ffs!:D but it’s one of the cities i would go back to no worries, seemed like a cracking city to me, oporto was a bit of a shithole.


    yeah, great place. walk up to the castle, meal overlooking the city and port, wander back down, have sardines and vino verde somewhere else. cool city.

    Wheelie good

    Go for Saturday the 7th May and watch the Lisbon Downtown race! My husband and I went in 09 and it was great! If you haven’t heard of it look it up, big screens down the course, music and you can wander around the pits and check out the bikes and riders. Lisbon was nice but with the race to watch we didn’t see too much of it!


    Did my Uni there and worked for two years. Really good place – make sure you go out in Bairro Alto. Nice bars and awesome clubs – Jamaica, Transmission (Metal), Fragil…all very relaxed and cool vibes. Avoid Docas, though people will tell you to go there – nothing special.

    Can tell you restaurants and things to do if you want. If you stay for a bit, go to Sintra..about 45 mins away and it’s a lovely place.


    Check out the Alfama district of Lisbon.

    Awesome place, Barrio alto for bars and small restaurants.

    Get the metro out to the beach if the weather is good.


    There’s a great port bar there where you can have tasty food and indulge in a massive range of ports. Not sure where it was exactly but fairly central.


    Thanks for the responses, everyone. Much appreciated.
    If it happens, I’ll be sure to take in what I can from the list and let you know the ‘verdict’.


    The Port place is “The institute of Port wine”.

    From normal street level, there’s a funicular up to Bairro Alto, the Port place is at the top, it’s a good place to start the night as it closes early.


    +1 for eating and drinking in Bairro Alto.
    -1 for eating in Baixa (tourist central), we thought we’d do it for a laugh on our last night…we definately did better up the hill.

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