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  • Like an escapade but not one……..
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    Looking for suggestions…..

    My “#lifebike” (an old charge plug) just died. I was thinking about replacing it with a cotic escapade later in the year but events have overtaken me and I need to get something sorted ASAP.

    Cotic won’t have any small frames until 2 or 3 months time. Anyone have any reccomendations for something around the grand or less range that is similar?

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    There’s a small Escapade frame on eBay for about £50 at the moment – bidding ends tomorrow – possible cheap way to what you originally wanted?

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    Genesis Day One. What’s the budget OP?

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    Got a Mk2 small sat in the garage waiting to be sold, PM if interested

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    I’ve got a sour bikes purple Haze, pretty much spot on geometry wise to a cotic x the precursor to the escapade

    Sour Bike's Purple Haze

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    Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

    I’ve hopefully convinced Paul at Cotic to sell me their small demo escapade a few months in advance of the new colours arriving!

    I’ll post some pics of it all goes to plan!

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    Fearless Vulture?

    Can still be had in Small and Medium.

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