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  • Lightweight ISCG chain device for riding everywhere. Recommendations please
  • I want to change to a single ring. I don't want one of those BB fitting XC guides, as I've got ISCG tabs, but I also don't want an idler or roller on it as I don't want any drag. Was thinking of getting something like an E Thirteen LS1, or a DaBomb Recoil, and cutting the idler arm bit off of the backplate. Is this a bad idea? Anyone else got something they use and like?

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    front mech?

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    Gamut guides are excellent and the one of the lightest..

    Was hoping to sell the mech and shifter to replace the money spent on the guide. Also they sit in the granny position.

    Rockthreegozy, they look good. Never seen them before. Cheers.


    Second the Gamut P20/P30 (depending on what ring you want to run). I use a P20 on my trail bike with a 32t ring.

    Naturally they do have a lower idler guide but the drag is so minimal as to be hardly an issue. They are so simple to fit as well – literally I just bolted mine straight on within 20 minutes. Every other chain device I've tried to fit has been a **** ball ache of the first order.

    I know you have ISCG tabs but if you really do only want a top guide, then the BB mounted 1.X MRP really is the best solution. I have used one albeit briefly and if I am perfectly honest, the only reason I went back to the Gamut is because it looked better. I know that sounds utterly ridiculous, but there you go; the MRP works fine for hardcore trail riding and I had no problems loosing the chain.

    Member what about a dmr chaincage ? cheap and very adjustable.

    Geetee, you're probably right thinking about it. Just cos they're there doesn't mean I need to use them. Might save a couple of grams too.

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    I've got a Gamut Dual, very light and works a treat. The P20/P30 are also very light and superb.

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