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  • Lightweight breathable waterproof for the bike
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    I know nothing about these, I’ve always just used a shoddy old Gill waterproof. What’s available that works well for longer rides that can pack into a backpack?

    Cheaper the better, no more than about 70 quid.
    I’d prefer it to not be too warm so that I can wear it in spring/autumn/summer and just layer up instead.

    In a M or S, for mtb! No lumo yellow!

    Main motivation: Ard Rock in a few weeks and have no weather protection…

    I bought a cheap Endura Pakajak and sent it straight back. Yucky sweatbag.

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    cheap / breathable / waterproof – pick 2 🙂 That said, I’ve got a Mavic H2O jacket that is tolerably breathable but needs to be regularly re-proofed to remain waterproof. I think it was about £70 or so

    I think your base layer under the jacket is just as important though, if its not wicking the sweat up to the surface then you’ll stay damp no matter whats on top.

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    madison flux are on sale for £70ish. Won’t do well if you crash, but not a lot will if you’re looking at lightweight stuff. I fell off in mine last winter and put a 20p size hole in the underside of the elbow. It’s not spreading, and isn’t in an area that lets water in. I’m choosing to see it as a venting upgrade!

    More breathable than most. Still sweaty you’re pedalling hard and it’s warm – 3 small pit holes unless you upgrade yourself into the floor.

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    Just make sure it has pit vents and a back vent if possible.

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    Keela Saxon jacket is available for about £70. Some nice colours, fairly lightweight. I usually have mine packed in my bag – not worn it much, so not sure just how breathable it is.

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    madison flux is a great jacket, especially for 70 quid. Not very breathable but they never are.

    If it’s cold and wet, then wear a waterproof. If it’s warm, then just put up with being wet, as otherwise just get sweaty anyway.

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    Yucky sweatbag

    At £70 you’re going to have to compromise, and if you want weather protection it’s going to be a sweatbag.

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    ok, over your budget at £99 – although it has stayed at that price for a long time now so even better value than before – is the Pace 3×3 jacket – which I think is still Event.

    I’ve worked pretty hard in an older version and it seemed pretty decent.×3-event-winer-jacket

    Phone them to check if it still is Event if interested.

    Wash it regularly in liquid soap flakes :

    and then occasionally reproof with Grangers 2-in-1.

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    Cheers people – all noted – as said, I’m new to all this, I’ve been riding for years but have tended to just use whatever I’ve got. Last year I started buying proper kit to ride in – turns out it makes everything much more pleasant. Who knew?

    Anyways, a couple of people seperately recommended the Madison Zenith to me so I’ve taken a gamble at £50:
    I tend to run cold, so though that an extra bit of warmth wouldn’t hurt. Someone said they had both the Flux and Zenith, and thought the Zenith was almost as waterproof, but lots more breathable. I’m not bothered about a bit of moisture, just keeping the worst off would be nice.
    Will see how I get on!
    Thanks again 🙂

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