Lightweight 120mm trail hardtail frame?

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  • Lightweight 120mm trail hardtail frame?
  • IvanDobski

    I want a slackish lightweight ht frame with lots of standover capable of taking 120mm/rigid forks for bombing around the Howgills and trail centres – I have a 36 Talas’d Chumba HX1 for bigger stuff. Would probably prefer alu or carbon for weight.

    I’ve been seriously considering an Enigma custom build but I’m impatient and starting to think I might be spending a lot of cash purely for the sake of those really nice welds!

    Any suggestions? (No On-Ones or Ragleys please!)

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    Kinesis Decade Versa?

    Still steel so not carbon light but a lovely frame and certainly lighter than an 456/BluePig


    Soda? Ticks the light and 120mm boxes. Sublime handling, fast as f… and capable of taking far more abuse than you’d think…


    Seems odd to exclude some bikes that fit the bill just because of who makes them. Cotic soul? Steel, but quite light.


    Kinesis has adjustable drop-outs which scare me (I break stuff, lot’s of stuff) but is otherwise quite nice. The Soda would be spot on but pricey the Soul would be ok but I think I’d be tempted to build it too big.

    Anything over £600 and I’d probably go for the Enigma so looking at about £500ish…

    On-Ones are out because of the gatelike appearance of the 20in frames, Ragley are out as they have consistently ignored any emails I’ve ever sent them.

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    Kinesis has adjustable drop-outs which scare me (I break stuff, lot’s of stuff)

    well, they bolt on but they’re pretty chunky and at least you can replace them if you do snap them?

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    Santa Cruz Chameleon for bombing around on. Nothing else is in the same league


    Another HX1! 🙂


    I know it’s steel so not your preference but you really shouldn’t discount the Cotic Soul, i wouldn’t change mine for anything and i am a serial bike swapper!


    Whyte 19 trail


    A 2nd hx1 is a very strong possibility! Not sure about having a brace of any bike though…


    Ibis Tranny – will definitely take 120mm forks and is also light and very verstaile too.

    +1 for the Soul, mine’s currently at 25lbs in fairly stocky build and winter tires, can go a lot lighter and 120mm seems to be the sweet spot!


    Kinesis XC120 (or XC130 as it’s now called IIRC)? I like my Inbred at 120mm, so I’d also add a ScandAl to the list.

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    Ragley are out as they have consistently ignored any emails I’ve ever sent them.

    details please.

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    Ive always found Brant helpful when i’ve contacted him.


    How big are you – there’s an XL Ti Lynsky for about £600 on CRC.


    I wouldnt discount the Soul.

    I’ve had an Alpitude, Chameleon, P7 (really liked the P7) and the Soul as my HT’s over last couple of years.

    The Soul has to be my fave.

    Mines built pretty heavy duty with coil pikes, wide bars, Atlas stem, Stans Flow (rear) on a DT swiss 440 freeride hub and pro2/crest front & it weighs 27lbs.

    My P7 with full XTR/Floats/Stans 355 on Pro3’s weighed the same but for much more expense.

    When I bought the soul I completely stopped riding my LTc as they were too alike (soul was faster) so it has enabled me to sell the LTc and buy a Alpine 160 for bigger days, so i now have 2 very different bikes.

    I was also surprised as to how slack the souls is when the forks are wound out to 140, I mainly ride at 130 but with 30% sag and it feels spot on. Im equally surprised to how comfy it is with a carbon post.


    Cove Handjob? Slackish with 120mm forks, plenty standover (I’m 5’7″ and ride a 17.5″) and can build up pretty light.

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    Moda Solo. Max 120mm. forks…………..sweet!


    Whyte 19 trail



    My Whyte 19 is phenomenal. +2

    Ibis Tranny, super lightweight frame and will take a nice light 120mm fork. Thats going to be my next build.
    I got shut of my Ragley bluepig last year, best thing i ever did!! Bought a 456C really light but burly 160mm build.Rdes really really well, even uphill.


    Brant – YHM

    Cheers for suggestions:

    The XL lynsky prob won’t have enough standover – I’m 6’2 but have relatively short legs so prefer a dropped top-tube.

    The Tranny is very nice- tempted.
    I’ve had a Handjob so not keen on another (fnarr fnarr etc).
    Still onsidering a Soul.
    Forgotten about Kinesis but I’ve always quite liked them.
    The Chameleon is essentially a HX1 so I’d rather have a 2nd one of those.
    Not a massive Whyte fan but the 19 does look good.
    The Moda is nice but doesn’t grab me.
    Genesis Latitude – I know nobody mentioned it but I like them!

    Looks like it’s time to fire up excel and get my geek on…

    The Tranny looks very nice. It is steeper than most trail hardtails though.

    If you’re 6’2″ with short legs you might fit an 18″ On-One well due to the long top tube.


    A plea not to ignore Blue Pigs.

    Plus side: nice and cheap, fun, especially the faster, steeper, rockier it gets
    Minus: not the lightest, the new ones are ugly, they’ve annoyed you, might not be best choice if your usual trails are flat and fast.


    It appears I might have been a bit hasty with the Ragley slating tbh – looks like a couple of my emails didn’t even reach them so apologies for that.

    The Blue Pig is too big a frame for what I’m after – I’ve got a bike for big rocky riding, I’m now just after a lighter, faster alternative for more xc stuff.

    Pipedream Sirius Ti?

    No personal experience, just chucking another in the mix for you.

    edit: sorry…just noticed it’s over budget

    If i was to get another steel frame it would be the Cotic Soul i think, great all rounder and a really well made frame without huge silly gussets, look cleans and neat.

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