Lightweight 100mm travel forks White RS SID Team (Service history) 198mm 1 1/8"

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  • Lightweight 100mm travel forks White RS SID Team (Service history) 198mm 1 1/8"
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    26″ 1 1/8″ 198 mm straight steerer. Originally bought in August 2009 but not a lot of use as you can see from the near pristine appearance. Never been hammered & still look really nice. Plush smooth travel. Long steerer cut to 198 mm.
    Actual weight just as pictured, with the two included calliper bolts 1482 grams
    I could describe the stanchions as pristine & unmarked, but if you look really carefully at the 3rd pic of the rear left you can just make out a tiny mark. Totally insignificant and barely detectable to visual and undetectable to touch but I’ve mentioned it anyway.

    Review of forks Click Here

    Full history of servicing at TF Tuned will be supplied, which includes replacing the original Black Box remote lock out & internals for a crown top lock out as the remote was not reliable. During replacement they discovered that the rather flimsy Titanium damper had a crack so, on TF’s recommendation, I opted for the RS Race damper which was both proven to be durable and actually lighter than the original Team one!

    Last service was August 2012 with all new seals fitted and the forks have probably only done 20 rides since then as bought a 29er in December and have ridden that almost exclusively since.

    I also had some issues with the calliper bolt holes which had lost approx 3 threads near the top of the lower one(common problem I hear) so rather than take the chance of it getting any worse or just using a longer bolt, I paid a local engineering company to do 15 mm thread insert using 12L14 carbon steel locked permanently by both cold rolling and Loctite bonding into both the top and bottom holes. These are state of the art as used in motor racing engineering (inserts manufactured by a company called Timesert. PROCESS DETAIL CLICK HERE

    This was an expensive engineering job and not to be confused with any cheaper Hellicoil type repairs which generally fail if bolts are required to be removable. For extra security, I had both holes done even though only the lower had actually failed. Fully tested and 100% sound.

    I have been using the longer bolt in the lower, load bearing hole (which was recommended by the engineers) and these should now be bomb proof. Both the bolts can now be bound up into the 15 mm steel inserts and torqued up correctly.

    Dare I say that the calliper mounts may now be actually better than they were originally.

    I’ve had good reliable wear out of these but they have plenty of life left to give.
    I have born in mind that they have had modification so only looking for £140 including shipping for what were a £600 plus set of forks.. Even the upper assembly on its own is probably worth this amount to someone with damaged stanchions!

    PayPal (gift or you sort fees please) cash pick up also welcome (Halifax area) email in profile for any questions or sensible offers. (not for PayPal).


    Hi there, would you take £125 for them and I can pick them up? (live in Thornton you see)


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    Interested if the sale falls through for any reason

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