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  • fr0sty125

    Not got one but never heard anything bad about them I doubt they are Hilleberg good but for £225 sounds a good deal. I doubt it will be as sturdy in high winds as the quasar though as that is a geo tent though tunnel tents really do perform well the just flex. Not totaly sure it will be complete 4 season if you are going to camp on top of the cairngorms in winter with 80mph winds .

    If you want to go pimp then what about one of these 😀


    Yeah, my main issue was that I didn’t want to look at getting another TN or Hilleberg, since I don’t want two expensive/bombproof tents that do essentially the same job.

    I do quite a lot of high camps in winter, but would always take the Quasar for that (easier to pitch on snow/rock and tough as old boots), so this would be for everything other than mental weather.

    From what i’ve heard, build quality on Lightwave tents is supposed to be excellent, at least rivalling TN, so seems like it could be a winner.


    Just spotted this on SportPursuit

    Down from £450 to £225.

    Been looking for a sub 2kg, 4 season tent for ages now, but my third requirement, reasonable price, was hard to satisfy!

    Has anyone used this tent?

    I’ve just bought a Wild Country Zephyros 2 yesterday to use when wild camping as an alternative to lugging around my Super Quasar (4.5kg) in summer, but it’s tiny in comparison, plus I wouldn’t want to/be able to use it in winter.

    The T2 Ultra is the same size internally as my Super Quasar, which is a MAJOR plus.

    A 4 season, roomy, 2kg tent with excellent quality build quality for £225 seems like a no brainer…any reasons why I should avoid?



    If you use Quidco it takes the price to around £200, which seems to be a steal 🙂


    We brought a load of Lightwave T20 trail xt tents for our Explorer Unit 3 years ago and they’ve took all that a bunch of teenagers can throw at them! The bags have all but disintegrated, am waiting for AlpKit to get some more stuff sacks in for them.



    I have a trek xt from lightwave and it is really great. Brilliant customer service as well.

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    Nice and lightweight tent. I have the extended flysheet on mine. Can be fiddley to put up as the flysheet on mine goes on after the inner, Hillebergs go up in one with no chance of getting the inner wet.
    The material on the Lightwaves can be fragile, I holed mine rolling it up on the patio, it now gets rolled on grass.


    I just looked up that Wild Country tent looking at the dimensions I cannot believe they expect people t use that as a 2 person tent!

    EDIT This Vango 1 person tent is bigger and lighter!


    aye, it’s crazy. I put it up in the house and it’s even worse than on paper – the head and foot areas come down quite significantly, which means that my face would almost be touching the roof when lying on an exped mat. 2 expeds don’t even fit in. It’s going back today.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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